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Blogging is about connecting with others, so we joined the fashion and lifestyle bloggers from #teambloggermeeting by hutliebe (hat love) for a blog series about spring. Most of us present new outfit inspirations and trends for the season, but there’re also decoration ideas and tutorials. You find all the participating bloggers at the end of this article.

My outfit is a very useful one for an office day or a museum visit. It’s easy to upgrade in the evening if you’re off to an after work party and it’s very comfy. The colorful dress and the little black jacket are both pieces of the new Spring/Summer Collection by Skunkfunk which is by now one of my favorite labels.

I told you about the Spanish label last year. It’s a great alternative to the big chains and their fast fashion. Skunkfunk is one of the labels which try to make a difference in the fashion industry. They produce green (organic and recycled materials) and fair fashion. They even started a zero waste collection this year. I like that a lot. I stopped to shop at fast fashion stores a couple of years ago and I am very happy about every alternative which doesn’t burden my conscience and is still fashionable.

The sleeveless colorful dress is the perfect match for these grey spring days we have to deal with this year. The little black jacket makes it perfect for an office day and black over knee boots always work for me as long as it’s still cold outside. Unfortunately I managed to leave my awesome new backpack at home, so you have to wait for the next fashion post for that. As the dress is so colorful I decided to wear a nude make-up style which is always a good choice for an office day anyway.

My Outfit

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

Skunkfunk Spring 2016 Collection

#glasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#jacket | Skunkfunk

#dress | Skunkfunk

#boots | Bagatt Italy

all photos by (c) neongold.org

In cooperation with Skunkfunk.


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