(art)books we love | Brooklyn Hipsters

As the Friday before Easter is a national holiday in Germany we decided to publish our artbookfriday article today – so let’s have a look at our new artbook!

If you think of hipsters, what picture comes to your mind? Well, let’s put out our stereotypes. My first association is a man, who wears a beard, horn-rimmed glasses, a tote bag, slim fit trousers, a dark green parka, alternative a blue one. Oh, almost forgot: a quiff. Hihi


But let’s have a look inside this art book. Vero Bielinski is an observer and photographer. She deals with “figures in today’s society”, so-called hipster. Her focus is “on clothing, posture, gesture and environment.“ In her foreword Bielinski explains why she studies figures in the present time.


During my study of Bielinski’s hipsters I consider my point of view. I get a new perspective – there are a lot of differences between hipsters and hipsters and hipsters in Brooklyn, Hamburg or Berlin.

How does your hipster looks? 😉

#artbook | Brooklyn Hipsters

#author | Vero Bielinski

#language | German & English

#publishing house | Kerber Verlag

#ISBN | 978-3-7356-0177-3

#pages | 144

#published | 2015

You can get you copy here.

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