#fashion | Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is the most famous Italian fashion designer. Last year his company Armani celebrates its 40th birthday. Giorgio Armani made himself a wonderful present: in April 2015 opened his new Armani Silos exhibition space.

ScreenShot - Armani Silos
The Silos have an area of 4500 square meters. The space includes an exhibition, a gift shop, a coffee shop and a public archive. Furthermore the digital archive comprises 350 sketches, drawings and illustrations, 6000 clothing and accessories and 1570 pictures of shows, advertising campaigns or clothes on displays.

The 4500 square meters are subdivided in four floors. The exhibition is not like a typical museum exhibition in a chronological walk. It’s arranged by themes. “On the ground floor, the section Stars and the section dedicated to Daywear. The first floor dedicated to Esotismi (exotica). On the second floor, Cromatismi (colors). On the third and last floor the section Luce (light)”, you can read on the homepage.

I think my next journey will go to Milan. This exhibition space looks like a fantastic symbiosis of museum, fashion, architecture and lifestyle.

#exhibition | ARMANI/SILOS

#adress | Via Bergognone, 40, Milan, Italy

#admission | 12€

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