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I am sitting on my couch, outside snowflakes trickle silently down and for a moment I ask myself, what to write about next? My bell on the door is ringing. My good-humored postman stands in front of me. He submits me a parcel.

Small parcels are great! So I rip it and held a new book in my hand. It’s a book published by reprodukt. I associate with this name of the publisher only one kind of book: Graphic Novels. The first time I heard this name I visited the Graphic Novel Days at Literaturhaus Hamburg. Right now I got my first own Graphic Novel. If you ask yourself what a Graphic Novel is, well, it’s more than a comic, it’s an extensive story – a novel.

What do you think this novel is about? It’s a Graphic Novel about a museum. One of the most important museums in the world: the wonderful Louvre. The title of the artbook is “Einmal durch den Louvre” (something like: Walking through the Louvre). The novel is made by David Prudhomme, he draw, wrote and had the idea of this cool story.

David Prudhomme Einmal durch den Louvre

Let’s have a look inside the book. Paintings, sculptures, visitors, it’s a quick walk through the Louvre. A lot of things I see in the novel I recognize and some of those funny thoughts which are painted or written in speech balloons I had, too. Exactly the same question was in my mind when I saw hundreds of cameras and smartphones: On how many photos you can see my face after visiting the Louvre? 1, 2, 3,…100…500…1000? On a lot of paintings of Prudhomme you see many cameras and smartphones and I think it’s understated. – And what about Mona Lisa? You won’t miss her in the novel. When I look at the painting of Mona Lisa by Prudhomme, I had the same question during my visit at Louvre: What does Mona Lisa see every day? David Prudhomme has a really funny answer, a lot of strange visitors, but it’s so true. ;D

David Prudhomme Einmal durch den Louvre

David Prudhomme Einmal durch den Louvre

The Graphic Novel doesn’t need many words. At first I was a little bit confused, because I missed something like a storyline or substance. Who needs more information and loves hard facts should read the last four pages. Yes, the last four. Do you know Louvre has 630 electrical control enclosure? There are 42.692 sources of light outside and 52.000 inside, isn’t it interesting? I didn’t know that. And the Louvre has 403 rooms, 352 are open (I don’t know if they are all public, I don’t think so). The pyramid is 21 meter high and you’ll find 1000 kilometres toilet tissue at Louvre. Sorry, this information is so funny. I couldn’t conceal it from you. ;D

The pyramid is 21 metre high.
The pyramid is 21 metre high.
#artbook | Einmal durch den Louvre

#author | David Prudhomme

#language | German

#publishing house | reprodukt

#ISBN | 978-3-943143-72-0

#pages | 80

You can get your copy here

David Prudhomme Einmal durch den Louvre

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