#AlbertinaStateRooms | Lifestyle of the 1820s

Yesterday I posted a pic of the beautiful staterooms of the Albertina in Vienna on our Instagram Account. Gorgeous rooms in a wonderful atmosphere. I have to be accurate, the rooms are “Habsburg staterooms”. 20 of them are spread out on two floors. The House of Habsburg was one of the most important royal houses of Europe at the time. Back then 😉 After winning a battle Rudolf I became ruler of Austria. Very historically. If you wanna know more about the history of the Habsburger, you should read some Wiki-Articles. Our focus here is on the wonderful interior.

The Rococo Room - Albertina
The Rococo Room – Albertina

“In 1822, Archduke Carl had the interiors redone in Empire style, commissioning the Viennese furniture manufacturer Joseph Danhauser (1780-1829) to refurbish the entire palace with fine furniture and elaborately inlaid parquet floors. Of the décor from the second half of the 19th century when the palace belonged to Archduke Albrecht, only the Rococo Room survives.”

The Hall of the Muses
The Hall of the Muses
I think if you visit such impressive museums, they can be a wonderful source of inspiration! At least they are for me. Have a look at this cheesy clock. Bored? Waiting? Thinking about what she read? Definitely very cool in which way this woman is leaning on the clock.


“In 2000, work began on the comprehensive restoration of the staterooms. The return of the original furniture was secured through successive acquisitions as well as loans from the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art (MAK) and the Federal Furniture Depot’s Imperial Furniture Collection. International specialists took part in the restoration work, which was largely concluded by 2007. After decades of neglect, today the lavish period interiors transport the visitor back in time, evoking the age of Neoclassicism and the private and ceremonial lives of the Habsburgs who lived in the palace.”


The moment while entering the last stateroom was a little sad. But then you turn around and the look through all those rooms is amazing! Such a long corridor – a wonderful view! This recompenses everything. I tryed to picture it – but you can’t capture it in one picture. At this point I have to say THANK YOU to the staff of the Albertina! They jumped out of my field of vision while I took this picture. It was funny and they were all so kind and friendly. It was a pleasure to me, to talk to them. I never had such a wonderful warm welcome before.


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