GDS Shoefair x Fashionblogger Café Shoe Edition in Düsseldorf

Two weeks ago I’ve attended the fashion blogger café shoe edition at the GDS shoe fair in Düsseldorf. It’s a trade fair and therefore not open to the public. International brands present their new collections for next fall/winter to the sales people of different shops. Thanks to Styleranking and their fashion blogger café I was able to be there for a day. But before the blogger event started I had some time to walk around and check out the new shoe trends. Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures at most booths because the companies don’t want their components to spy on the new collections. There were even booths which were completely shut and had doors. You could only enter with an appointment. I’ve never seen something like that on a fair. But the lovely Jenn told me that beauty fairs are the same, seems to be a fashion industry habit. I met Jenn at the press counter in the morning and luckily she was also on her known so we decided to walk around together.

Well there will be no tremendous changes to the shoe trends. The 1990ies are still back and there is a lot of glamour and bling-bling coming up. Luckily I could at least take pictures of these shoes:

GDS shoefair Düsseldorf

Aren’t these the coolest sneakers ever? I normally don’t even wear sneakers, but I am really thinking about these LED ones. They have a little button inside where you can switch the color and a USB hub for charging. They come to the stores in March/April.

GDS shoefair Düsseldorf

Well and these are DcMartens. I used to wear them when I was a kid and teenager but stopped years ago because I don’t like the high ones so much. But when I saw these short ones I fell in love immediately. They will hit the stores in fall, probably around October.

GDS shoefair Düsseldorf

After walking around the fair for about an hour we (that would be Jenn an me) were ready for the fashion blogger café. It’s an event series for bloggers who like to grow their network and meet new companies. It’s basically a great way to meet other bloggers and hang out with great drinks and food. It was my second fashion blogger event in Düsseldorf and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s just so different to the blogger meetings in the art and culture sector. I have to admit the goodie bags are much cooler and the other girls much more relaxed about themselves. I love to meet new people and I am very happy about meeting these five:

GDS shoefair Düsseldorf

Jana, Katja, Dasha, Kati, Jenn and me 🙂

We had blast. We got fresh make-up from Inglot and Germany’s best make-up artist Arthur who helped me a lot with a new color for my eye-brows. I was looking for that for ages. There was a Lillet bar and a smoothie station by Vita Coco. We got food and plenty of yummy stuff the whole day. Every single blogger could create a new phone case with caseable. And I even won shoes by Llloyd, but they haven’t arrived yet so I can’t show you them right now. Hopefully they will be there for my next outfit shoot. I also carried the best goodie bag home I ever got at an event – a handbag by the label Fritzi von Preussen – filled with all kind of great stuff.

As shoes aren’t just for girls it’s not surprising I also found a new trend piece for my boyfriend. At the event I GDS shoe fairmet Max Dern, founder of the start-up Kickstickz. They produce little fancy stickers for the front cap of Chucks. Well, I don’t wear them but my boyfriend doesn’t wear anything else, so I brought him some stickz and he likes them. It’s defiantly a pretty cool idea.

I had a blast and a really great day in Düsseldorf. It was worth a day off work that’s for sure. It would be really nice to have events like that at the art world, too!


And by the way I am thinking about wearing hats from now on. I liked this one by Jenn so much!

GDS shoefair Düsseldorf

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