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Vienna – a beautiful city! I have never been there before so I needed some guide books for the trip. It wasn’t easy for me to find the right one. I wanted some special books for our #artbookfriday and to prepare my trip. Not those typical guides – you know what I mean. They are so boring. So I was looking out for something interesting and new. At first Michelle inspired my with her book “Berlin for women only”. I got “Wien for women only” afterwards, this book is absolutely necessary if you are looking for some cool shops and places to go to. But I needed more information about the city’s history and the different places of Vienna. The second book I found was “Wien – Lieblingsorte”. And last but not least I detected a little book named “Unnützes Wien Wissen”.

Wien for women only

Every single book contains something completely different. I haven’t read anything twice. Let’s start with “Wien for Women only” which is pink. ❤ What else can I say? Nothing more to say, don’t you think? 😉 Ok, just kiddin’. The book includes seven chapters: Fashion & Shopping, Eat & Drink, Night life & Music, Art, Culture & Festivals, Architecture & Design, Beauty & Relaxing and on two wheels.

The chapters Fashion & Shopping and Eat & Drink were the most important ones for me. For my short stay at Vienna the right priorities. A special feature of the book are the little interviews at every chapter, for example with fashion director Ingrid Geringer, fashion designer Tanja Bradaric or Franziska Fürpass, innkeeper Stefanie Herkner, cofounder of Le Foodink Miriam Strobach, actress Susanna Wuest, Karola Kraus, museumsdirector of Modern art. The reader gets a lot of tips of Vienna insiders, this guide has a personal note.

There isn’t a road map to use, but inside the book is a wonderful illustrated map of Vienna. I looked through the guide back and forth, discovered new shops, I wanted to visit. So I marked a lot shops, museums and restaurants, I wanted so see. I fear that my time was not enough unfortunately. 😉

#book | Wien for Women only

#authors | Nicole Adler etc.

#graphic design | Mitra Farahmand, Christine Link

#illustrations | Gina Mueller

#photos | Tina Herzl etc.

#language | German

#publishing house | Brandstätter

#pages | 208

#ISBN | 978-3-85033-831-8

You can get your copy here.

Wien – Lieblingsorte

The second book I discovered was “Wien – Lieblingsorte”. The book is divided into 12 chapters. Every chapter up to four urban districts. In short abstracts you get informations about the most important places in Vienna. This book is really great. Did you know Bitzinger? It’s a snackbar in Vienna, every local knows them. The most famous one is next to the Albertina. I tried a sausage with curry there. The choice of different sausage is huge. There are two nights in Vienna, when you have no chance to keep a feet on the ground at the snack bar. It’s on new year’s eve and during the opera ball. I read some chapters before I started travelling to Vienna and I read chapters after my visit in Austria. This book is readable for traveler and for Austrians, too.

#book | Wien – Lieblingsorte

#authors | Stadtbekannt.at

#language | German

#publishing house | Holzbaum Verlag

#pages | 128

#ISBN | 3950350853

You can get your copy here.

Unnützes Wien Wissen

Is it possible to know useless Knowledge? I don’t think so. Because now I know that the first toothpaste in a tube was invented in Liesing. Do you know how large the largest Sacher cake was? The maximum diameter was 2,50 meter. Isn’t it crazy? I really enjoyed this book. A lot of strange things I won’t forget about Vienna. Michael Jackson wrote his song “Earth Song” at Wiener Hotel Imperial. And now the most unbelievable information – Sisi, yes our almost beloved queen and Franzels wife, had a anchor tattoo on her shoulder. WHAAAAAT???? I wasn’t at the Sisi Museum, if I had visited the museum, I would have learned something like this. Ok, I think you got it, I love this book. I had so much fun! 😀

#book | Unnützes Wien Wissen

#authors | Susanne Schaber

#photographer | Karl Mühlberger

#language | German

#publishing house | insel taschenbuch

#pages | 207

#ISBN | 978-3-458-36062-9

You can get your copy here.

Guides for Vienna

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