Sweet, sweeter, Vienna

Today I am very happy to introduce Julia. She is a friend of mine and I travelled with her to Vienna and we had so much fun on our trip. We visited museums, explored Vienna, went for a walk through the garden of Belvedere and ate a lot! Yes, we ate so much and it was so delicious. Julia is my personal top chef, she cooks really very well. So it’s up to her, to write about the sweet side of Vienna. Thank you, Julia!


When you want to explore a city for a whole day, the way and where you start is very important. The best way to start a day right is with a delicious breakfast and lovely food, so Wera and I started the Saturday with a tasty breakfast next to the state opera of Vienna.


GERSTNER K&K Hofzuckerbäckerei
GERSTNER K&K Hofzuckerbäckerei

The Gerstner is a little food empire: It’s member of the imperial and royal confectioners of the court. Besides breakfast you can also get typical Austrian food, snacks and beautiful cakes.

At the ground floor you can find a little shop with their own food products, cakes and other good looking sweet sins. You can find their little cafe on the upper floor. The atmosphere is cosy, the style traditional and a little old fashioned. The waiters were friendly, attentive and very sweet.

GERSTNER K&K Hofzuckerbäckerei
GERSTNER K&K Hofzuckerbäckerei

We ordered breakfast with coffee and hot chocolate, fresh orange juice and a bread roll with butter and jam. This wasn’t enough for us: we needed more of the tasty food, so the apple strudel with vanilla custard and a berry tart weren’t far! The berry tart was coated with chocolate. On top were different kinds of fresh berries which were pretty soft and intensive in their taste. Between two sponge flan cases was a fluffy creamy berry mousse. The apple strudel was sheer joy! Thin layers of dough coated a mixture of sliced apples and raisins. It was just perfect. The vanilla custard underlined the taste of the apple-raisin filling.


The next day we went to another imperial and royal confectioner of the court: the Demel. The structure of the building was very similar to the Gerstner, shop and cakes at the groundfloor; café on the first floor. The breakfast was good, but not as good as at Gerstner. Even the self made bread and the fresh fruit salad couldn’t reach the level of Gerstners. The atmosphere wasn’t as cosy and the waiters weren’t as friendly and attentive. It wasn’t bad at all, we simply got spoiled the day before.

Hotel Sacher

Visiting the Hotel Sacher was an obligatory point of our to do list. It was like I expected it to be: Traditional, beautiful and tasty. The interior is kept in red, gold and white. Many people from all over the world sat at the typical café tables. I ordered an original: a Melange (Austrian coffee speciality) with a slice of Sacher cake.

Café Sacher Wien. Foto: Julia Buchheister
Café Sacher Wien. Foto: Julia Buchheister

The Sacher cake is made of two layers of chocolate flan cases. Between those layers there is a small layer of apricot marmalade. The whole cake is covered in a fine chocolate coating. A Melange is a kind of cappuccino. The ratio of coffee, milk and milk froth is the same but instead of espresso you use mocha. Mocha is a bit stronger than espresso because of the coffee beans and the ratio of single coffee bean components like Arabica and Robusta.

There are many different coffee specialities which are mostly unknown outside the borders of Austria. The “Einspänner” (mocha with whipped cream on top) for example, or the “Brauner” (small or larger; mocha served with cream).

I didn’t look like a typical tourist, because the head waiter of the Sacher Café asked me if I would like to read a newspaper. I was pretty surprised. No waiter in Germany has ever asked me something like that. I really felt like the King (better said Queen) of customers. Like it should be.

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Text by Julia

Julia Buchheister-0250

Julia is an event manager. She organizes a lot of events in museums and private parties. On the basis of her training – planning events – she knows what’s delicious. Last year she stayed for a few months in Chester and London. She is a real globetrotter, she already visited Beijing. So she is the perfect travel guide, too.

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