#ootd | Herr von Eden meets Petit Fou

It’s time for a new outfit. Right now it’s hard for my photographer and me to find free weekends for the shoots. Unfortunately there is so much going on right now that outfits are not my number one priority on the blogging list, but of course there will still be a lot of fashion coming up. I am going to the GDS shoe fair on Friday and will tell you about the new trends for 2017 afterwards 😉 so no worries! And because the next shoot will probably take a while we have an awesome giveaway for you tomorrow, too.

So back to basics: for this shoot we went back to LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur (Museum for art and culture) in Münster. I just love that place! Last time we were in the new building. This time we made all the pictures in the old one which is just beautiful. When I worked there during my time at university I fell in love with this place. I come back a lot but not as often as I would like. They have a great collection worth visiting again and again and they show great special exhibitions. The next big one will be “Homosexualities” Wera already visited in Berlin. I can’t wait to see it, too.

As you all liked that post about the last museum outfit so much and a lot of you asked what to wear to a museum again and again I thought a second outfit can’t hurt anyone. After a dress this would be one of my choices to wear to a nice day in a museum. It’s also a great office outfit. A comfy and elegant shirt, dark jeans and a nice jacket. You can upgrade any outfit with jackets like this. It’s by one of my favorite labels again – Herr von Eden – just like the one I wore on Christmas’ Eve. The boots are just a pair of my winter basics. I bought those years ago and they never really got out of style. Most of my shoes are like that, because they last forever if you look after them I prefer a lot of basic pairs and some really extraordinary ones.

The clutch I took with me is very special. It’s handmade from paper. I just recently discovered the label, Petit Fou, which is based in Hamburg and really cool. Every single bag is a unique piece made directly in Hamburg. I love it! It’s not for everyday but a true eye catcher for special occasions. And the best thing about it is that you can win one exactly like mine tomorrow. I mean things get better if you share them!

My Outfit











#jacket | Herr von Eden

#shirt | le temps des perises

#jeans | American Eagle Jeans

#shoes | Tamaris

#necklace | Malaika Raiss

#clutch | Petit Fou


All photos (c) neongold.org

5 thoughts on “#ootd | Herr von Eden meets Petit Fou

  1. your clutch is ridiculously cool!! perfect for spending a day in a museum 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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