What’s in my new bag | Saturday night

Michelle already told you, what’s in her bag. I felt immediately the urge to share mine, too. The topic of the parade by Sandra is: What’s in my new bag. I haven’t shown you my wonderful little bag I bought in Karlsruhe in December yet. Right now it’s time to make up for that and have a look inside this new Saturday night bag.

I love this bag – black and glitter! ❤ The perfect companion for every party. Let’s have a look inside: lipbalm, a pencil, businesscards (you never know), tissues, mascara, perfume, of course my keys and a little purse. This is my absolutey minimum! My everyday bag will be never filled with these few items alone. In my big bag, I have shown you in of the last posts are a lot of more things: another shopping bag, always a book, charger for my mobil, umbrella, nail file, plasters, headphones and usually a bar of chocolate. ;D

And what’s in your bag?

#bag | benetton

#lipbalm | Clinique

#mascara | Bobbi Brown

#perfume | Calvin Klein

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