What’s in my bag | Weekend edition

A woman’s handbag is a mystery of itself. No matter if they’re big or small, clutches or tote bags, handbags are always full of needful and essential things we carry around every day. My boyfriend doesn’t even dare to touch mine like it would bite his hand off or something else dramatically. To give a little insight in the mystery of handbags Sandra asked in her digital diary to show our handbags and their content. It’s not a brand new idea. If you check out the hashtag #whatsinmybag on Instagram you will find a lot of opened up handbags there. As we all have a noisy side in us, Wera and I decided to participate and show what’s in our bags on the blog. I start today. Wera will follow up during the next weeks. I always wondered what she carries around all day as her bags are usually gigantic compared to mine 😉

I own plenty of handbags and purses – you surely know that habit, right?! But this black one is one of my all time favorites. I bought it with the money of my first summer holiday job over ten years ago and it was the first expensive hand bag I’ve ever bought. So it’s very special for me. No other bag ever had the same magic again. I love them all, don’t get me wrong, but the first time you went into a boutique and paid a fortune for something you really love is a special moment of independence. It’s more a question of value than price to me.

what's in my bag

This bag has the perfect size for me. It’s not too big, easy to carry around and it has so much room inside. More than you would imagine. There are a few essentials I always carry around and some more when I go away for the weekend. As I am going to Berlin in two days and I already packed my bag I decided to give you the extended weekend content of my handbag today.

What I always carry around

I always carry around my beloved denim purse by poodlebag I looked for forever. That’s the most important thing next to my phone I need to have with me all the time. The three other essentials I always have in my bag are lip stick, a brush for my hair and our business cards. As you never know where you’re going after work it’s always nice to be prepared.

what's in my bag

What I carry around at the weekend

When I am away for the weekend like the one coming up I need some more things to feel prepared. Very important for a weekend trip are blister plasters. I love high heels but running around in them all day makes plasters absolutely necessary because if you don’t have them with you, you always get blisters. That’s Murphy’s law I guess.

Also mighty important is my travel battery and charger for my phone. If I am running around taking pictures and stuff my phone battery always runs out of energy. I looked for while to find the right battery for my purpose and I just love this one as it can charge my phone about five times. So it will last a whole weekend without charging. A plus is the possibility of charging 3 devices at once. I helped out other bloggers a lot with that.

I never leave for a whole weekend without my favorite fragrance by Burberry. I have this nice little travel edition of it and it’s just perfect for a weekend away. I got it from an airport duty free shop. You just can’t find these things in normal drugstore. Another beauty essential I have in my bag for travelling is a little package of hand lotion – just nice to have.

Last but not least I take my iPad and kindle with me for the train rides and evenings in the hotel. On my kindle I read all my newspapers and sometimes a book. It’s just easier to take along than a bunch of books and magazines. The iPad is perfect to get rid of pictures on my phone and write some blog post drafts or watch a movie on prime.

what's in my bag what's in my bag

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