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As I am travelling to Berlin next week I like to tell you about a great travel guide for this exciting city. And yes I am going next week instead of being there this one for fashion week 😉 I will be there for work and stay the weekend afterwards for some fun. I will check out a hotel for you again and of course some places to eat, shop and dine. So there is a lot great stuff coming to the blog soon.

But back to #artbookfriday. The travel guide series “XXX for Women only” is, as said in the title, addressed especially to all the traveling fashionistas out there. I felt spoken to immediately when I saw them for the first time. “Berlin for Women only” is the first one I read. Wera is recently reading “Vienna for Women only” and there will be a post about that one soon, too.

My first impression of the book is defiantly a thumb up! I love the cover with the golden embossing. It suits the graphic design perfectly. I like that very much, too. It’s also on the endpapers which is really stylish. Well, the design is just great. I like it and I think a great book design is half the way for a book. It’s accompanied by pretty illustrations which make the look complete.

The book is divided in a preface and nine chapters. They cover everything a woman needs – from fashion and shopping to art and nightlife. Every chapter starts with a little introduction, followed by the different recommendations and also interviews by different women who live in Berlin like fashion designers, actors or gallery owners. Those are really cool and a plus for the book, makes it much more interesting. There are also some articles included like “Berlin with dogs”. I discovered some great places I am going to check out next week.

What irritated me a bit is that the book includes advertisement. If I buy a book I don’t need or want any ads. You can’t mistake them for the tips but still I think it’s strange. I also don’t like that there is no map included. I find it difficult to make a plan for a trip without a map. I had to check out exactly where I am going to be at different times on google. As Berlin is pretty big there is no way you can find your way around without a map if you’re not really familiar with the city and the underground system. But well, I can help myself, at least with my phone.

So my summary about this book is positive, I can really recommend it, but the missing map is defiantly a negative point I have to complain about.

The Book

Berlin for Women only Berlin for Women only Berlin for Women only

#book | Berlin for Women only

#authors | Nicole Adler, Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt, Julia Ossko

#graphic design | Mitra Farahmand, Sylvia Gruber

#illustrations | Julia Ossko, Eugen Schulz

#language | German

#publishing house | Brandstätter

#ISBN | 978-3-85033-803-5

#pages | 208

#published | 2014

you can get your copy here.

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