#ootd | a unique dress & my new 2D bag

It’s defiantly time for a new outfit and I wanted to show you this for weeks, but the weather got worse and worse. Well, we finally decided to do the shoot anyway. I swear it was so cold and rainy. The pictures come out pretty good considering the weather conditions.

As there are some more outfits I’d like to show you during the next weeks I didn’t want to waste more time. I bought this dress in December already at Super Fashion Markt, Cologne, and I wore it a few times since then. So it’s about time you see it. It’s a unique piece by Trinkhallen Schickeria. I fell in love with it straight away. Lena Schröder, the designer behind Trinkhallen Schickeria, made these kind of dresses some of her collection essentials. They all have the colored rubber band in common you can see on the pictures. It makes the dress very changeable. You can wear the band in the front or the back which changes the look immediately or you could even tie a knot in it to make it tighter. That’s also a great option when you wear it at an office day and plan on going to a party later.

As I already told you in this post every piece of Trinkhallen Schickeria is unique and handmade in Cologne. I am still trying to buy fair and local clothes, this was a perfect choice.

I combined it with my essential black winter boots and a cashmere cardigan my mum gave me as a present some years ago. It’s such a good quality that you can’t tell it’s a couple of years old already. Always go for cashmere if you want your cardigans to last.

One of the coolest and funniest pieces I found this winter is my 2D bag. You probably already realized in spring that statement bags are bag. You can see them everywhere and there are some real humorous ones. You get them with big letters, funny faces or in the crazy shapes. They make every outfit more interesting. When I was looking for a statement bag for myself I found the 2D bags online which are supposed to look like taken out of a comic strip. I went nuts about them and had to get one. I think the polka dot one I got is somewhere between super cute and irritating. At least a lot of people have to look at it at least two times before they believe their eyes.

My Outfit

2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags

#dress | Trinkhallen Schickeria

#cardigan | Bernd Berger

#bag | 2D bags

#shoes | Wrangler


2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags 2D Bags

#necklace | Malaika Raiss

#glasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#gloves | Röckl

#knitted socks | Falke


all pics (c) neongold.org

4 thoughts on “#ootd | a unique dress & my new 2D bag

  1. this look is everything! I can’t stop staring at the bag 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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