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I was looking out for a large bag. Several weeks I went from shop to shop and I found nothing. When I travel to work, I need a large bag for all those things I carry around all day: a book, a bottle of water (you never know when the train stops in the middle of nowhere), an umbrella (it’s often raining in Hamburg), something to eat, my purse, handkerchieves, pencils, my calender… The claims were high.

A few weeks ago Michelle told me about DOGO. I asked her: “What the hell is DOGO?” I have never heard the word before. She told me that DOGO is a wonderful label. I started a little research and discovered the wonderful world of DOGO. So colourful and beautiful designs! I fell immediately in love with them. Bags and shoes – what a girl wants! 😉 And DOGO has tall bags! Exactly what I was looking for. I needed this bag!


“Some people feel the rain others just get wet” – I love this quote on my new bag. Every time  when I look at it, I smile, because it’s often raining in Hamburg. Last week a friend of mine asked me, Wera, it’s a cool bag, where is it from? I answered her: DOGO. She looked at me like I was an alien. Well, I think it was the same look I had on my face when Michelle told me of DOGO. 😉


Next to these wonderful bags DOGO creates beautiful clutches, sneakers, backpacks, pencil cases, highheels, boots, ballerinas and some other stuff.

#label | DOGO

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#material | synthetic leather, cotton, solvent-free color for the print

Dogo shoes is a very kind supporter of this blog project.

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