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Maybe you know, Michelle is an expert for fashion. She took classes in fashion history during her time at university. I admit, I have no idea of high fashion, I just go stick to my taste. 

Sometimes I discover wonderful accessories which are really useful. Yes, I like useful things. So, do you know the problem of too short sweaters, but you love them so much, you can’t give them away?


The solution is “kidneykaren”. Sounds strange, but the colorful tubes are great! There are different kind of types: basic, mid tube, mini tube and editions. I prefer the basics. They keep your kidneys warm, the tubes are comfortable, your sweater look longer and you get the basic ones in 83 styles. Three types of them are in my wardrobe. I wear them often during winter. The label was founded 2007 in Berlin.

On the webpage of kidneykaren are some inspirations, you can weare the mini-tube under a transparent blouse, it looks fantastic. Another suggestion is to wear a mid-tube under a cardigan. Today I found a wonderful store in Hamburg: mascha clothing. I bought a new kidneykaren – a black one. Black is always right. 😉

If you are in Hamburg, you should visit this store. They also have a lot of other fantastic stuff!

#tube | Kidney Karen

#distribution store | mascha clothing

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