Perfect Presents for art and fashion lovers

Christmas is getting closer and it’s time for some gift shopping. In case you haven’t all your presents already I have some gift inspirations for you today. Just some nice things which make art and fashion lovers really happy. It’s a pretty random collection of things I like or like to give away as a present. What you choose as a present always depends on someone’s personality. I would for example never recommend buying someone a perfume if you don’t know exactly what the person likes. I hate it when I get a fragrance I find really awful, but if you know someone’s taste it’s a great gift. The same goes for all beauty products! If you don’t know a person’s taste or favorite brands, buy something else or get a voucher 😉

Collector’s Editions

Something that’s always a perfect gift for an art or fashion lover is a Collector’s Edition. A Collector’s Edition is a special book edition accompanied by a limited edition art print or some other awesome collectibles. Most publishing houses sell them and they’re available in a wide price range. Right now my personal favorite of all available editions is the Fendi Edition by Karl Lagerfeld published by Steidl. I would so love to have one of those.

(Art) Books

A book is always a great gift. We told you about a lot of them in our #artbookfriday posts and there are plenty more for every taste. Think about the person and I am sure you find the perfect book. I will probably give away the travel guides for women. I think they’re pretty cool and perfect as a gift.



Is there anything nicer than jewelry as a gift? It’s perfect for your mum, for your BFF and every woman in general. If you know someone’s taste there’re pieces in every price category, no matter if you’re on a budget or not. If you don’t know someone well buy something timeless. That will always work. If you’re looking for something for a friend and you’re on a budget I recommend an emerging label like Josemma. I’m totally in love with the actual Malaika Raiss collection. It’s homage to Star Wars and a bit nerdy but I love it. It’s the perfect gift for a fan like me.

Beauty Products

I think beauty products are tricky as presents. As I already told you earlier in this post I think you should really know someone to give such things as a gift. If you’re still convinced that beauty products are what you want to give away stick with the nice boxes. I usually buy them at Rituals. They have awesome gift boxes for every budget and some really nice scents and products. If you’re not sure what your special persons likes to smell go for the white boxes. They have a very neutral appearance 😉



Coffee Mugs

If you’re really on a budget coffee mugs make a great present. Everyone needs one at least once a day and even if your friend uses only design pottery at home some coffee mugs are just perfect for the office. And they’re fun, too. If you choose a pretty one which suits the personality of someone it’s an awesome gift. Check out the ones by the Scribble Studio if you don’t believe me.



My Personal Picks

I still have to get some more presents but I also found some things already. I hope you like my little collection of perfect gifts.

Perfect Gifts

#giftbox (orange) | Rituals

#cream | Rituals

#giftbox | Burberry

#necklace | Josemma

#watch | Dan & Deer


This post is not sponsored and does not include affiliate links! It’s just a collection of things I like.

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