Christmas Shopping

Less than four weeks until christmas – are you still looking for some gifts? We found some nice markets. Maybe you’ll find your christmas presents at one of them.

Cologne (December 5th & 6th)
Berlin (December 12th & 13th)
Stuttgart (December 19th & 20th)
5 Euro

For over a decade the HOLY SHIT SHOPPING collective has been redefining the concept of Christmas market and continues to grow in size and selection with every year. One idea, four cities, hundreds of young designers with products on offer and wonderful customers – that’s HOLY SHIT SHOPPING! Up to 300 designers and creatives on-site personally present their exciting lifestyle products including fashion, jewelry, furniture and product design, art, photography, literature and specialty foods.

Hamburg (December till 6th)
10 Euro

The MKG fair covers the spectrum from the preservation of traditional culture techniques to the critical analysis of current developments in artisan craftwork, and encompasses the areas of jewellery, textiles, furniture, pottery, glass, wood and tableware as represented by superb works made by hand as unique specimens or in small series. Thematically, it addresses the current discussion of values revolving around ecology versus new luxury and unique specimen versus mass product, but also production and working conditions.

Flensburg (December 5th)
Lübeck (March 19th)
3 Euro

A stage for creative newcomers. Elbrausch-Designmarkt offers a space for innovative ideas. Designer present ther products of jewelry, fashion and textiles, furniture and home accessoires, illustration and photography. Everything is made with love.

Stuttgart (December 5th & 6th)
Munich (December 12th & 13th)
8 Euro

Schöne Bescherung is a market of special gifts. You’ll find products of high quality and you can meet the producer. They explain you something about their working method and the story of the single products. Schöne Bescherung offers culinary subtleties, fashion and home accessories and jewelery to gifts for children.

Freiburg (December 12th & 13th)
Mainz (February 20th & 21th)
Munich (April 23th & 24th)
Nürnberg (May 21th & 22th)
5 Euro

Visit the Stijl Designmarkt – design products, clothing and handmade things by young creatives. Small labels present their products on this market.


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