(ART)BOOKS WE LOVE | Das große Wimmelbuch der Kunst

A few weeks ago I visited Lüneburg for a big family celebration. I really like this city, so I arrived early in the morning to amble through the historic town of Lüneburg. In case you don’t know, it’s a wonderful shopping-town, too. A lot of small shops, labels and creative persons characterize the cityscape. It’s a nice small city. If you haven’t been there before, your next journey should go there. One or two days are enough, it’s not big, but beautiful!


During my little shopping-tour I discovered a book shop and found an enchanting book: “Das große Wimmelbuch der Kunst”. I think everyone in Germany knows Wimmelbooks. The most famous ones are made by Ali Mitgutsch. But now this copy is brand new – hot off the press! When I saw this book, I dashed at it. I rummaged every single side and was delighted. It takes you on a journey. In Stone Age, cave painting and sculpting were two options to be creative. On this picture you see different techniques. The other pictures (Wimmelbilder) invite you to a journey to Egypt, Greece and Italy. It’s a wonderful illustrated trip through time and space. French painters, “Blaue Reiter”, Bauhaus, contemporary art. 12 artworks elate you to the history of art.


The last three pages of the large-sized book deal with the written content of history. Each epoch gets its own little chapter with cute descriptions. So everyone understands it. Short questions motivate children to look on the Wimmelbilder again and again. I am really very excited, it’s the perfect Christmas present for kids. Children will be introduced to art and culture in a kind way. If you show your little kid the Nofretete in the book and then maybe some years later… you can show your kid the original… – that’s magnificent!


#book | Das große Wimmelbuch

#author | Susanne Rebscher

#illustrations | Annabelle von Sperber

#publishing house | Prestel

#language | German

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-7204-4

#pages | 32

you can get your copy here


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