Ringly | the first gadget for true fashionistas

As Christmas is ahead I am starting to look for presents and stuff to put on my wish list. I am a Christmas maniac and I just love this season. I can spend hours with decorating the house and buying present for my loved ones. I am just one of these annoying girls, who wear Christmas sweaters, listen to cheesy Christmas songs all the time and bring everyone on the edge 😉 The Christmas spirit always catches me way ahead and now where it’s the end of November it totally got to me again. So I started to wear my sweaters and took a first look for presents.

The thing I like to tell you about today, is a great present and on my wish list, too. It’s the first smart gadget for phones I like. Normally I am not a big fan of all these nonsense things like smart watches and so on. I just don’t get why I should wear an ugly band instead of one of my beautiful watches around my wristband. Honestly usually all these things are the least fashionable you can think about.

But a while ago I discovered “Ringly” the first gadget with some style. Unfortunately I don’t own one yet but I will defiantly get one in the future. Ringly is your choice of beautiful rings with a bunch of notification features you can connect with your phone. By now there are calls, messages and over 80 apps included. That’s exactly what I need. I guess you all know that moment when your friends, colleagues or family members get totally annoyed by your non-stop vibrating or ringing phone. There are just too many notifications today from all those apps we use. I really like the thought to keep my phone in my bag and still be up to date if something happens. And it’s much more polite than having your phone on the table. So the only thing I have to do is to choose a design I like.

Ringly Launch Collection 02 - LR

Photos: (c) Ringly

This post is not sponsored but written because I really like those rings and think you should know about them 😉

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