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#artbookfriday is already a nice little tradition of us and we’re very happy it’s growing. Look for the hashtag and find more awesome posts by other great bloggers. We like that and we really like the diversity and what kind of books others choose to write about. The variety of art books is just great.

As I am going to New York next spring and I’m overexcited about it I’d like to show you one of the greatest city guides I know. As it’s made by Taschen, it’s very art related. That’s one of the reasons I like it so much and you can defiantly call it a coffee table book. It’s huge and heavy. There is no way you can carry it around. Not unless you’ve got your private driver or something similar. But it’s a great guide to make a plan for your trip. At first I thought that it’s a bit expensive because I expected a regular size guide book. When I unpacked it I immediately had to change my mind. You get a lot for a decent prize with this book.

The author promises nothing less than:

Behind velvet ropes, entering unmarked restaurants and scouring SoHo, Nolita and Tribeca stores, this is an all-access pass to parts of New York even most locals don’t know. Find the way to Acme, the hub of Neo-Nordic cuisine that’s got the whole city talking. Check where to buy New York’s best cheesecake; and find the Greenwich Letterpress, where you get your own cards hand-printed.

It’s a big promise. I wouldn’t go that far but they have some of my favorite spots and hotels in there not everybody knows about so I think it’s worth reading. The guide is divided in the three big topics “Restaurants”, “Hotels” and “Shopping”. Those are marked with dictionary-style cutout tabs for easy navigation. It’s a great idea, they make it easier to find what you’re looking for but it doesn’t totally reflect the cute style of the book in my opinion. I really fell in love with the illustrations. They’re just beautiful and remind me of the ones in the book by Nina Garcia. You just have to like them if you’re a fashion lover.

Alltogether this book is a great one and worth having. But to be honest if you really want an amazing New York trip you better get some more books about it. Especially when it’s your first trip. It also never hurts to watch your favorite movies and think about which places you always wanted to see in your life. That’s what I did the first time I travelled there. I think I will write another post soon about all my favorite guides for New York. There are some more.

The Book

Taschen's New York Taschen's New York Taschen's New York IMG_5067

#book | Taschen’s New York

#author | Angelika Taschen

#illustrations | Olaf Hajek

#publishing house | Taschen

#language | German, English, French

#ISBN | 978-3-8365-5487-9

#pages | 392

you can get your copy here.

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