#art | Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

Yesterday I was part of the Affordable Art Fair Instawalk in Hamburg. A little group of instagramers explored the fair. 75 local, national and international galleries present contemporary art at the Congress Center this weekend. The walk was a preview you could apply for with your Instagram account.

I have seen new talents and well-known artists like Candida Höfer or Thomas Ruff. During the walk I also saw some fantastic art works  of Matthias Heiderich. The other ones told me, they knew those pics. A few klicks further on instagram they showed me his Instagram account: Massju. I really like his “reduced” style. His art also has a delightful color composition.

A photo posted by Matthias (@massju) on

Thousands of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs are displayed in an inspiring atmosphere, all under one roof. And with no pieces priced higher than €7,500.

For the first time, the Affordable Art Fair will present a curated exhibition to celebrate Hamburg’s status as an important art destination, too. After reflecting on the past three editions, and speaking to local gallery owners, they landed upon the idea of creating a special Hamburg-focussed exhibition space – our new Hamburg Section.

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

If you like contemporary art and you consider to buy some art, I recommend the affordable art fair this weekend in Hamburg. You aren’t in Hamburg? That doesn’t matter. the next events are certain: Brussels 26. – 29. February 2016, London 10. – 13. March 2016, Milan 18. – 20. March 2016, New York 31. March – 3. April 2016, Singapore 22. – 24. April 2016.

#exhibition | Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

#venue | Hamburg Messe und Congress, Halle A3

#runtime | 19. – 22. November 2015

PS: This was one of my favorite objects. 😉

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

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