Jumeirah | Luxury in Frankfurt

Last weekend we’ve been invited to Frankfurt to check out the city’s museums. Frankfurt is a great place for culture and art lovers as well as for fashion lovers. Also it’s one of the places where they understand what true luxury means. But of course if you stay at another city the most important question is where to stay. Luckily we were staying at the Jumeirah which opened four years ago. They’re known for great hotels around the world, but that’s their first and only one in Germany. You might know their most famous one the “Burj Al Arab” in Dubai. So if we talk about luxury in this post we mean it 😉

Our Rooms

We both had our own Studio on the highest floor and we were delighted by the view (cover pic) and especially by the gigantic bed and bathroom. Every detail was elegant and had style. That’s what we expect from a high class hotel and the Jumeirah had it all. Details are important at least that’s what we think. These rooms even had hygiene items designed by Wolfgang Joop. We like!

Ember Bar and Lounge





The hotel has a nice little bar down at the lobby floor where we had our welcome glass of champagne. The bar was designed in partnership with the renowned champagne brand Veuve Clicquot which is pretty fancy. You just have to love that carpet. Even if you’re not a guest of the hotel it’s a nice spot for a coffee break or a light bite during the day. They present live music every Wednesday from 21:00 – 23:00, too.

Breakfast at Max on One

The “Max on One” is where they serve breakfast in the morning, at the weekends until 1 pm. Isn’t that great. We hate it when hotels are closing breakfast at 10 o’clock which is just ridiculous if you pay a lot for your stay. You can order breakfast to your room too of course. The restaurant is a contemporary grillroom in the evening: Beautiful wood finishes, light colors, glass elements and warm mood lighting. The centerpiece and the focal point is the open show kitchen. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try the evening menu. But the breakfast was fabulous and one of a kind. We especially enjoyed the freshly made Eggs Benedict we ordered. That’s really something you don’t get every day.

Skyline Bees

You probably know by now that we’re big fans of sustainability and fair products. The Jumeirah hotel is a place for luxury and they care about the environment. That’s why they do “urban beekeeping”. It’s been a trend for a while but one we really like. Urban beekeeping is a chance to help bees, which are so important for all of us, to survive. Bee colonies help keeping alive the ecological systems and nature: approximately 80 % of the domestic plants need the bees’ pollination to live and grow.

Unfortunately, the number of bee colonies is constantly decreasing. The most dangerous natural enemy is the Varroa destructor mite. Agricultural pesticides are an additional harm to bees; therefore, they are nowadays only allowed when they have been tested for a non-harming effect on bees. Also, structural alterations in rural regions as well as the agricultural industrialization threaten domestic bee colonies.

More than 40.000 bees live on the roof (28th floor) of the hotel. Every day they fly out to visit the flowers in the botanical garden, the Main river embankment, parks and balconies within their three kilometers flight radius. These busy little helpers produce the hotel’s own “Skyline Honey”, which can be tasted directly from the honeycomb during breakfast at their restaurant “Max on One”. We also got a little glass as a welcome present. It is a great souvenir.

Well, we’re not big selfie takers but we couldn’t resist all the mirrors in the hotel 😉 and we’re definitely coming back. Hopefully there will also be a chance to check out some more Jumeirah hotels around the world. More about Frankfurt and where else you get great food tomorrow.

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