#tasting | Down Under

Down Under in the deep of Hamburg. Just kidding! On Tuesday I visited a restaurant in Hamburg which is called “Down Under”. With some friends I started a tasting trip a few months ago. We travelled to Japan, Pakistan, Spain and Italy – naturally pure culinary. Yesterday we went on our latest journey to the other side of this planet. Australia greeted us with a very attentive service and a small but very selected menu. So my choice was simple.

Down Under

I decided to take the most exotic meal. I wanted to try something new! Kangaroo with pasta. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I didn’t associate pasta with Australia, but never mind. I think it’s hard to say nowadays what’s typical. I guess you get pasta everywhere. So I concentrated on the meat. How did it taste? I was astonished. The four little stripes tasted like beef and were very tender. It was cooked to perfection. The other ladies opted for a bison burger. They told me it tasted like beef,too. After I nearly bursted, the other ones ordered dessert.

The dessert was so high in calories, we were almost ashamed. Someone said: 10 seconds in our mouth, 10 years on our hips. I don’t mean the homemade peanutbutterchocolatecookie or the pancake filled with vanilla ice crème – noooooo. I mean the deep-fried Mars (chocolate bar). I know this kind of dessert from the Netherlands. A few years ago I ate a deep-fried Snickers. Well, it was a happening. But that was enough. 10 years are over and the calories are already on my hips! 😀

#restaurant | Down Under

#adress | Grindelallee 1, Hamburg

#opening hours | until 11 PM (kitchen)

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