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One of the goals we have at MuseumLifestyle is to present labels that are different. Brands that care about the value chain with fair production conditions. Also high quality materials are important for us. Our strict believe is that fashion can be fair, beautiful and affordable. Well the last depends of course and is very individual. If all of these conditions come together and there is a relation to art than we’re in heaven and just have to tell you about it.

Last weekend I’ve been to the fashion supermarket at the Museum for Applied Arts in Cologne as you know from yesterday’s post. The greatest thing about going to events for emerging designers is that you always discover labels you didn’t know about. It’s so amazing how many great designers are out there that I don’t get why people still buy everything at the big fast fashion chains. Honestly, it’s much more unique to buy pieces from independent labels.

So the label I discovered is “Ludwig & Schwarz” based in Los Angeles and Cologne. The two designers Fenja Ludwig and Claudia Schwarz combine all the things we love in fashion. High quality materials like silk, a fair value chain and art.

Ludwig & Schwarz
Art by Hugo Mulder, Fashion by Ludwig & Schwarz

They created a very modern way to combine art and fashion. Well-tailored pieces are used as a “canvas” to represent the artists’ selected work. The artwork comes alive as a wearable and doesn’t have to stay in the frame. It makes the single pieces much more interesting and unique.

Fashion by Ludwig & Schwarz inspired by street artist The Pony | Photo:
Fashion by Ludwig & Schwarz inspired by street artist The Pony | Photo:

The idea is not new of course but known since the Fin de siècle. I think it’s a perfect match and I like the idea to get real wearable clothes inspired by art. Normally it’s just Haute Couture where the real cooperations with artists are present. Ludwig & Schwarz make it affordable.

Art by street artist The Pony

They also have a store in Cologne which is also a gallery – the “Moving Canvas Gallery”. There they present exhibitions of the artists they work with and their recent collections. I just love the idea to go shopping in a fashion store and a gallery at the same time. I mean how cool is that? The next time I’m in Cologne I will check it out for you. That’s for sure.

Martha Parsey: Out on a limb
Martha Parsey: Out on a limb
Silk dress by Ludwig & Schwarz inspired by Martha Parsey | Photo:
Silk dress by Ludwig & Schwarz inspired by Martha Parsey | Photo:

Ludwig & Schwarz

Of course I also had to buy something. I loved all the pieces, especially the silk ones. But I decided for this poncho because I was looking for one for a while. It’s made from wool, lama and alpaca. It’s such a nice piece and because it’s very sophisticated you could wear it in a lot of different ways, but I will show you that some other time.

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