Fashion Supermarkt at Museum for Applied Arts Cologne

Last weekend I went to Cologne again to see my best friend and to check out the regular fashion event “Supermarkt” for you. Usually it’s a street market for young designers happening two times a year. This time they made a special fair accompanying the exhibition “LOOK: Fashion Designers from A to Z” I already told you about. The whole event is organized by wonderful Lena who is also the head of one of my favorite labels “Trinkhallen Schickeria” I told you about earlier this year. I was very happy that she invited me because a fashion event in a museum is just perfect for us. It combines all the things we like to share with you. Museums and fashion is a combination I really like and which is unfortunately still rare. A fact I don’t really get because a fashion event is something that attracts different people than the usual museum crowd. So why not?!

I showed my best friend the exhibition and we did some shopping. I also discovered an awesome label I’m going to tell you about tomorrow.


This is a little preview picture for tomorrow. It’s part of the booth by Ludwig & Schwarz, a label I didn’t know about before and which I really like. They combine fashion and art 😉 that’s all I’m saying for today.


Me and awesome Lena who organized the event and is defiantly one of the best young designers I know. Of course I bought a new unique piece from her recent collection.


Just a little impression of the new things Lena presented in Cologne. I really like the style.


And this is the cute dress I bought. I just couldn’t resist. Well, you know how that is if you see something you really love. And to be fair I wanted one of those dresses for a while. They’re pretty cool because they have that little rubber band you can wear in the front or the back. It allows you to wear the dress in an oversize way or really tight or somewhere in between. Great idea! With one of those you can change your look completely if you’re at the office and at a party at the same day.




The whole fair was on two floors. Fashion on the ground floor and accessorize on the first one. The great leather good label “Elektropulli” was present. I just love their stuff, but I bought a clutch this year so I made myself resist for now.


They had a little goodie bag for me which is always very nice. This one is especially cool because it’s handmade so every print is different and unique.


And last but not least a fashion event is not just for the ladies but for the gents too 😉 I really liked the ties and bows by “Der feine Herr”, a label I also didn’t know before.

So this was my little review of last Saturday, stay tuned for more insights on the great label I discovered.

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