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It’s #artbookfriday again and time for a new book. Since it was Halloween last week I have something for all of you who can’t get enough of the spooky season. Well, it’s not a classical art book but made by an awesome, London based designer and kirigami artist.

Kirigami is a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper (from Japanese “kiru” = to cut, “kami” = paper). It is also called “Kirie”. From “Kiru”= to cut, “e”= picture. It’s also the latest trend in the DIY scene.

The book was interestingly enough an exhibition first. “Horrorgami” was a collection of 13 kirigami structures based on haunted locations from film and TV. The London exhibition attracted attention from respected news, arts & cultural magazines and websites. By the time the show was open to the public Time Out magazine placed Horrorgami at the top of the ‘Hot List’, naming it the ‘best event to visit in London’ that week. A bit later 20 models of the author were published in a book and it just came out in Germany. I just had to have it. It looks so cool and the paper models are awesome when finished.

Each project features step-by-step instructions and a template that you remove from the book on cardboard. You then follow the lines on the template, cutting and folding to make your own kirigami model. All you need is a scalpel, a cutting mat and a ruler. Clear cutting tips help you with the tricky stages and give you an order in which to complete your work, while photos of the finished model show you the final design. Projects are ranked from beginner to advance. Well, I would say they’re not at all for beginners to be honest. I tried one and I totally failed. You can see for yourself in the pictures below. I defiantly need more practice. Normally I am quite good at crafts but this was way too hard for me. I also didn’t quite get the explanations of the author, could be a translation problem. A cutting mat is also essential to really get there and your scalpel has to be really sharp because some parts are really tricky.

I will defiantly try again and won’t give up. If any of you were more successful let us know and show us some pictures of your result.


The Author

Marc Hagan-Guirey also known as Paper Dandy is a Kirigami artists and design director from London. On 31st of October his first solo exhibition opened to a private view. Since 2012 he is working on kirigami commissions for private and commercial clients and created pieces for Samsung Galaxy, The London Transport Museum, Procter & Gamble and Decorex International. He caught my personal attention with his exhibition “Cut Scene, inspired by Star Wars“ in May this year. There were a lot of articles about him and the exhibition.


The Book


Horrorgami page Horrorgami Insight

#book | Horrorgami

#author | Marc Hagan-Guirey

#publishing house | Haupt Verlag

#language | German

#ISBN | 978-3-258-60138-0

#pages | 128

#published | 2015

you can get your copy here.

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