#exhibition | Homosexuality_ies

I just read „satan“, I saw red and recognized myself. Bravo! What does it tell me? It told me I was in the special exhibition “Homosexuality_ies” and I was trying to make a picture of my opponent, during my opponent taking a picture of me and sending it immediately to my phone. I sat on the couch and asked myself: Who am I?

The German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum = DHM) is one of my favorite museums in Berlin. In the last years I spend several times in Berlin and I visited a lot of museums. But I never took a step into the DHM. At the beginning of 2015 I changed my ‘typical’ museums tour. I visited the permanent exhibition of the DHM. A few weeks ago I was in Berlin for one day again. I had 1,5 h left to visit one museum. A hard decision. My first choice was “Botticelli” at the Gemäldegalerie. After locating the museum from my position, I’ve chosen the DHM instead, it was closer and I remember ed the special exhibiton: Homosexuality_ies.


Said and done, up to DHM. When I paid for the exhibition ticket, I asked the woman at the cashpoint, if it’s possible to take pictures. On the basis of loan objects, copyright  and so on it wasn’t allowed to take photos. It’s ok. I rarely take pictures of art. I love to see the original. But sometimes I take photos of exhibitions, I mean, I like the view of an exhibition, not a special artwork. When I stepped in the first room I was astonished. Quotes, photographies, paintings, meaningful units, an alphabetical sorting… I really enjoyed the structure and concept of the exhibition. Of course I recognized my old friend Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. I love his work. But this time the photographs were more important for me, they were the linchpin to get access to the exhibition and the topic. I walked through the exhibition, looked at single objects and walked on. Interviews, info-boards, audio-stations – the exhibition is very animated and diversified. I barely had time to read more, so it’s difficult to say something about the exhibition texts. I liked the structure, the composition, the concept of the colors, the guidance and the logic of the exhibition.


The poster of the exhibition is a real eye catcher! I had to look a several times to the leaflet and the picture on it, I am fascinated by the picture. Man? Women? Lesbian? Gay? Trans? Inter? Queer? The exhibition stimulated my mind. Who am I? My answer to this question is an easy one for me: Human. (It reminds me of the Grönemeyer album.) But what about the people with different sexual orientations? Is it really different? Maybe it’s different for me! But not for them! It’s hard to find the right words – also for me in a different language. So next week we will have a look inside the exhibition catalogue – it’s perfect for #artbookfriday!

#museum | Deutsches Historisches Museum

#exhibition | Homosexuality_ies

#until | 1. December 2015

If you miss this exhibition, we have a special tipp. From may till september 2016 you can see this exhibition in Münster. 😉


5 thoughts on “#exhibition | Homosexuality_ies

  1. Hallo Wera,
    schade, dass Du nicht auch Zeit hattest, im Schwulen Museum* vorbeizuschauen, und somit die Ausstellung komplett zu sehen. Die dort ausgestellten künstlerischen Positionen (von Andy Warhol bis heute) komplettieren das Themenfeld ganz wunderbar. Meinst Du, das schaffst Du noch?!
    Ich hab meine Gedanken zur Ausstellung in den Kulturfritzen-Blog gepackt: https://kulturfritzen.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/hmsx/
    Liebe Grüße, Marc

    P.S. Weißt Du, wie vollständig die Ausstellung nach Münster wandern wird?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Marc,

      bis zum 1. Dezember schaffe ich es auf keinen Fall noch mal nach Berlin, was mich nicht davon abhält bei meinem nächsten Besuch generell mal das Schwules Museum* zu besuchen.
      Wie umfangreich die Ausstellung in Münster zu sehen sein wird, kann ich nicht sagen, müsste ich dort mal anfragen.
      Da ich gerade im Zug sitze, werde ich jetzt erstmal in Ruhe Deinen Beitrag lesen. 🙂
      Aber wenn ich das nächste Mal in Berlin bin, melde ich mich bei Dir. In diesem Fall war ich nur für einen Tag mit Kollegen in der Hauptstadt.

      Liebe Grüße


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