#travelling Switzerland | Food in Basel

I travel a lot. If you work in the art business it comes with the job and one of the most important things when you travel is food. There is nothing what makes me more happy than great food after a long day. Well and great wine which normally accompanies the food. When you travel to a new place it’s always nice to know some good restaurants and places to get awesome food. Of course I haven’t tried every restaurant in Basel and I probably don’t know all the good places yet but I tried a few and these are my highlights this year. Three places I will defiantly visit again when I am there. Places where you can get the most awesome stuff which will absolutely satisfy your taste.

Restaurant Berower Park

The restaurant „Berower Park” is the gastronomy of the “Fondation Beyeler”. It’s a nice little restaurant next to the museum. You will see it as soon as you enter the area. The place is much better than most museum restaurants and it’s always a pleasure to be there. They have a great chef who always creates a menu accompanying the exhibitions. I think that’s a fantastic idea and I don’t get why not every museum chef does that. So when I’ve been there last weekend we had a Russian menu because of the exhibition about the Russian avant-garde, but more about the exhibition next week. If you’re ever in Basel this is a great place to eat, especially if you visit the Fondation anyway.

IMG_4662 IMG_4665



Kornhaus – Die Baiz

I am totally delighted I discovered this restaurant in Basel. “Kornhaus” is the cutest place with an awesome kitchen. They reinvent the traditional dishes from the town. So it’s not about food from Switzerland but about the true food in Basel. I had no idea what all the stuff on the menu was but they will explain anything to you. Everything is homemade too and very delicious. The only sad thing was that we couldn’t sit outside because it was too cold. I bet it’s pure comfort in summer to just hang around in the back yard and eat. One of the best places I ever had dinner at.




Confectionery Bachmann

Well, life is not all about dinner. Sometimes you really need some sweetness, right?! So that’s the time when the “Confectionery Bachmann” is your place to go in Basel. Established in 1942 it’s a house with a long tradition. They have three shops in Basel these days so you can’t really get around them. They known for making the best “Läckerlies” – the traditional Basel treat. If you need some souvenirs for your loved ones home get those. They’re delicious. They also do chocolates, cakes and even sandwiches. All produced in their own bakery which I was allowed to visit. I was very impressed by all the old machines they still use. A lot of them seemed to be from the opening times – really likeable.

IMG_4703 IMG_4708


These were my three food highlights in Basel. Hope you like them and have a chance to try them soon.


In cooperation with Basel Tourism.

3 thoughts on “#travelling Switzerland | Food in Basel

  1. Dear Michelle, dear Wera
    Thank you for this interesting post and the beautiful pictures!
    It was a pleasure to welcome you in Basel and we are happy that you enjoyed the time here.

    Many greetings


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