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I travelled Switzerland a lot this year and I have to say I like it. Switzerland is very pretty and has a lot of different regions, so there is a place for every taste. As I was there so many times in the last couple of weeks there will be more than one post about my time down there.

So today I like to tell you about two great hotels which are just perfect for art lovers. I love art hotels. You find them in many big cities like New York or Stockholm but also more and more in smaller towns too. The concept is easy. Normally every room’s interior is chosen by an artist and is therefore like no other and very special. My goal is to see every art hotel in the world and create a top ten list, but that will still take a few more years unfortunately.

In Switzerland I know and visited two art hotels which are very different in their style and concept, not just because of the different artists. Both are nice and worth going but I have to admit I like the one recently opened in Basel more!

Teufelshof, Basel

The art hotel “Teufelhof” in the heart of Basel was one of the world’s first art hotels and was recently renovated and redone. It has only 9 rooms and is by that very cozy and cute. It’s probably one of the smallest hotels I’ve ever seen. But I like that! Makes your stay more personal. At the same time I advise you to book far in advance as it’s probably not easy to get a room there. Especially if you have a favorite one. Dogs are allowed too which is just perfect for me. The idea of the hotel is to be more than a standard art hotel but to create spaces of art beyond the frame. It worked and I am absolutely thrilled by the place and I like to show you my favorite rooms.



The artist group “Mickry 3” (Nina von Meiss, Christina Pfander and Dominique Vigne) invites you to sleep in their studio in this hotel room. It’s a very impressive room which evokes creativity and the feeling of being an artist yourself because of the atmosphere. It’s also a very personal room because the studio is the most important place for these artist and they’re so nice to share it with us. A very nice detail is the wooden floor which is an exact copy of the real one in the studio.



“The central office of the Association des Maîtres de Rien” is a room created by famous artist, singer and writer Dieter Meier. It has a very extravagant interior with an even more extravagant concept which is just so the artist. There is a whole manifesto accompanying this room explaining that “The Association des Maîtres de Rien stands outside of any kind of meaningfulness which degrades life to a means to an end. It glorifies the idleness of being.” Well, you can make of that whatever you like, but the room is really great and nice to explore.





My absolute favorite of all rooms is the one by artist Julia Steiner. She is a great person and such an outstanding artist. I met her during my time at museum Marta Herford where she was part of the exhibition “Harmony & Transition” about Chinese landscapes in contemporary art. So I was very very happy to see that she was invited to do one of the rooms. She is known for filigree wall paintings in black and white which surround you completely. And it just works so well in a hotel. I would have never thought so. But it’s elegant, calming and really cozy. I hope I can sleep in this room when I go to Basel the next time.

Hotel Arte, Olten

The “Hotel Arte” is very different to the one in Basel. It’s a business hotel and thereby much cleaner in its style. It has 79 rooms and was renovated until March 2015. Every room is dedicated to a local artist or writer but not created by them. It’s a design approach to an art hotel. Every single room is designed in one of four color schemes and decorated with high end design furniture. It’s not as individual as other ones I saw but still very nice. If you stay there get one of the “Arte Style” rooms, they’re very luxurious.

The hotel is in Olten, the central transportation point in Switzerland. Whenever you go somewhere by train or car you will stop in or transfer via this place. So it can be handy to get a room there.


In cooperation with Basel Tourism and Swiss Premium Hotels.

5 thoughts on “#travelling Switzerland | Art Hotels

  1. Great description of the two hotels. I might have to move out of my place to go and live there for a few nights.
    I love your way to describe switzerlands geographical location as “down there”. #legendary


    1. Thanks Mirjam! Well for me it’s down there and the journey was as complicated as leaving the continent 😉 but that’s another story. And there is more about Switzerland coming up next week!


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