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It’s time for a new book on the blog again. Today it’s not about a true art book but about a book for fashion lovers I was very curious about. Published in the States with the promising title “Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What to Wear to Every Occasion” it was something I just know I needed. You all know about Garcia since Wera wrote about the Book about the perfect wardrobe. Well, the one I am telling you about is the latest by Garcia and recently been published in Germany. It’s always difficult to get book which were just published in the States and so I am very happy it came out in Germany, too. When I take a look around at openings and events it seems that a lot of classic fashion rules are not known anymore these days. Don’t get me wrong I love an extravagant style when it comes to fashion but there is difference between being experimental or having your own style and just wearing the wrong clothes. It’s my personal believe that every women is beautiful and can look absolutely stunning in the right dress! It’s just so obvious how many don’t know how. And that’s where this book comes in.

The idea of the book is simple. Nina Garcia just writes about every occasion in life and gives you knowledge about the unwritten rules of fashion. Rules everybody should know about. The book starts with a big chapter about business occasions and ends with your dream vacation. In between you find everything from an average day to a wedding. Well unfortunately there is nothing about the art scene but that would probably be another book. The art scene is special and more open to fashion than other business people but still it’s good to know the basics. I found a lot of rules in there which I learned from my grandma who is a real lady and never wears a wrong dress. She has an awesome taste and still is my personal icon in style.

So there is all the important stuff in there like never wear bright red lipstick to an important meeting or never wear jogging pants to work. It’s always shocking when people do that. Really! Don’t! There are also rules in there which don’t really work anymore at least not in every business like the one about not wearing bright nail polish to work. That’s totally acceptable in the art scene especially when you wear mostly black like me. I mean you still look serious but of course it’s a question of color and the rest of your look. Just saying.

True style is not about having a closet full of expensive and beautiful things-it is instead about knowing when, where, and how to utilize what you have.

(Nina Garcia)

So if you think you don’t speak fashion yet as Garcia puts it, this is your book. If you just don’t know what to wear to a wedding or the opera, this is your book, too.

The Book


#book | Der perfekte Look (English Original Nina Garcia’s Look Book)

#author | Nina Garcis, Illustrations by Ruben Toledo

#publishing house | Mosaik (English Original Hyperion)

#language | German

#ISBN | 978-3-442-39277-3 (English Original 978-1-401-34147-3)

#pages | 320

#published | 2015

you can get your copy here.

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