#ootd | What to wear in a museum

This blog is about the lifestyle of the art scene. Most of the people who work in the art business are women and so the question what to wear to different events is often asked. That’s the reason I decided not just to write about labels I love but also about what to wear to art events. This post, as it’s the first one in hopefully never ending series, is about the question what to wear to a museum on a regular day. It doesn’t matter if you work in one or if you plan on visiting one next weekend. This post is for all the ladies who like to stay classy, walk miles to see good art and enjoy themselves.

Also it’s the first outfit I present without my glasses. To be honest I always wear them and I just realized at the shoot for this post that I don’t really like myself without them anymore. That might be just a habit. I used to wear contacts a lot, years ago, but I had a lot of issues with them and never really found the right brand for me. A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the online shop Alensa to try out their contacts and I agreed, obviously. I was curious how it would be after such a while. They sent me a big package of day lenses because I still won’t wear them more than occasionally, but I tried them a couple of days in the last weeks. It wasn’t too bad and I’m very satisfied with them. I will defiantly start to wear them more often again.

So back to basics. The perfect outfit to visit a museum in fall is knitwear of any kind! As it’s comfy and classy it’s my favorite choice for everyday. It’s as perfect for the office as for a casual day at any museum. And as I love dresses I chose one of course. If you visit a big museum where you will walk miles and miles wear flats! Seriously, wear flats. I love my black ones and I think they’re as stylish as most high heels I have in my closet. The most important thing you have to think about before you visit a museum is which handbag to take. They’re very strict at museums because of the art insurance and big bags are not allowed. That’s why I have plenty of little ones to match all my museum outfits. Right now this golden one by emerging label Elektropulli is my favorite. Hope you like it!

By the way this shoot was really made in a museum; at the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur [=museum for art and culture] in Münster. It’s one of my favorite ones in Germany. Probably because I worked there for a year 😉 Even taking that bit aside it’s a beautiful place with a great clear and open architecture. It was remodeled and designed by Staab Architects and reopened in 2014. If you ever have a chance to go there just do it. They have a great program and an even greater collection of art. Next time I’m there I get some pictures of the historic building which is right next to the new one.

My Outfit











#lenses | Alensa

#makeup | Chanel

#dress | Loft

#shoes | Bagatt Italy

#clutch | Elektropulli


All photos by the lovely (c) neongold.org

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