#wwim12hh | Walking, talking, eating and taking photos


A week ago I took part in my first instameet. It was the 12th World Wide Instameet. I live in Hamburg so our walk took place at the lovely Veddel. It’s a district of Hamburg, shaped by the harbor industry. On a sunday it feels like you are the only person in the world. Yes, Veddel is a lost place, when you walk through the harbor district. No cars, no trucks, it is so quiet and I love it. Last summer I was there several times and took plenty of pictures. Last weekend it was different, when more than 100 instagramers had a meet up. This was so fantastic. I met so many new people and had so wonderful conversations with other instagramers.

Our walk
Well, we started our tour through the old town center. The housing development dates back to the 1920’s. Those houses were built by the shipowner Mr. Sloman. The typical design is characterized by the red brick facades. In the north of the little town is the customs office. At this lost place (especially on weekends) you can take so many wonderful pictures.


Anika aka @gert_pauly, André aka @bosch and @maximuschatsky tried to make a group photo of us. It was so funny. 99 instagramer holding hands – #Boschlike. 😉

And how does it look when @gert_pauly, @bosch and @Maximuschatsky stood in front of us?
We visited during our walk the “Elbbrücken”, climbed up bridges, walked along Lagerhaus G to the Hafenmuseum. And…

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…our last destination was the Hafenmuseum. A fantastic photo location! And we were so hungry, having walked across “the Veddel” for more than four hours. I think everyone was just so happy, when the two guys of foodora brought sushi from kofookoo. It was really delicious! THANK YOU!


I think next time when I meet up with friends, I’ll choose the kofookoo. Their website looks great, I love sushi and it was really good at the instameet #wwim12hh. I think the Hafenmuseum could be a fantastic party location, too. I saw some videos at instagram from the Deichkind concert- #jealousy! 😉

#wwim12hh | check out all the fantastic instapics

#kofookoo | iPad-restaurant

#Hafenmuseum | must see

#lostplaces | Veddel

What to wear for an instawalk? It must be comfortable. So I chose jeans, sneakers and a vest, because it was really very warm. – Thanks for the picture @musermeku!

#jeans | Tom Tailor

#vest | Esprit

#handbag | Liebeskind

#camera | Nikon D5100

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