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Lea and me in Basel.
Lea and me in Basel.

Travelling is about gaining experience; broaden your mind, meeting old and new friends. So I was very happy to meet our blogger friend Lea in Basel last Saturday. For some extra excitement she invited me to a private sale by “Parenti’s Cashmere”. I didn’t know what to expect but I discovered a great label I weren’t aware of so far. Parenti’s Cashmere is the label by fashion designer Sabine Parenti who lives in Zürich. She used the principle of pop-up stores long before they were in style to create a true luxury shopping experience. With the idea of a very luxury, high-end and high quality label for kids she started ten years ago but had to make a women’s collection very soon. People asked for it. So now two times a year the collections are presented all over Europe in private showrooms. Customers come by invitation and order during the sales time. The clothes arrive six weeks later. Every piece is made from high quality cashmere or silk. I can’t even describe how good every piece felt. If I wouldn’t go to Florida and New York in April I would probably have bought a lot. The styles and fabrics were outstanding. Do you know when something just feels right? My absolute favorite piece was a green and grey poncho; it was so beautiful and felt just right. So my goal is to save up some money for the next private sale in 2016, because Parenti is also planning collaborations with artists. Guess what I just need for my wardrobe 😉



I normally don't do mirror selfies but I just had to show you the poncho I loved so much.
I normally don’t do mirror selfies but I just had to show you the poncho I loved so much.


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2 thoughts on “Labels we love | Parenti’s Cashmere 

  1. Der Poncho ist super schön, was für tolle Stücke!! ich bin ganz verliebt!! LG Jenny


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