Travelling Switzerland | One Night in Zürich

If you follow us on instagram, you already know that I spend the weekend in Switzerland and Wera attended the instameet in Hamburg. Switzerland is so great and I experienced so many nice things there that there will be several posts on the blog about it. Today is about my time in Zürich, the capital of Switzerland and one of the most expensive and elegant cities in Europe. Me and my boyfriend drove there from Basel on Saturday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. We loved it. It is such a great place to hang out and enjoy life. Because I am not a fan of “Follow me around” posts I just tell you about my highlights and what you should do while in Zürich.





The Hotel

We stayed at the elegant 4 star rated hotel “Glärnischhof”. They invited me and I was delighted to check out this beautiful hotel for the blog. I was just about to plan my birthday weekend in  at the time and so I happily said yes. We had a “Relax room” which is the second best category after the junior suites. And you defiantly get a lot there, no matter which room you have. You can see the 60 years of experience they have in every detail. They have tablets in every room which you can use to order room service, pillows or whatever you can imagine. I especially liked the variety of pillows the hotel offered, because I am normally not satisfied with them in hotels. The interior is old-fashioned like the whole hotel but you also get all the comfort with style. They hold manors high there. Something I miss in a lot of places these days. They also have a really nice old-fashioned bar which is of course open for public. We really enjoyed the whiskey and gin selection there.






And when we arrived for breakfast on Sunday morning they brought me a little birthday cake which was the coolest and
most delicious thing.


Restaurant “Le Poisson”

We were also invited to try the hotel restaurant “Le Poisson” which serves mainly fish dishes but also a little variety of steak and meat. If you ever go to Zürich, eat there. Seriously! I had to try the fish and so we did the BBQ live cooking menu they offered. You just choose your favorite fish or meat and give it to the chef and order your sides. The chef does the cooking in the middle of the restaurant and I have to say it was perfect. I hardly had so good fish before. And I tried every type, from tiger shrimps to scallops. It was delicious! And they buy only local, organic and fair products. That’s really important to me. I think if you spend a little fortune in a restaurant it should be healthy and environment friendly. Accompanying dinner was a local wine selection we also enjoyed. So if you ever want to spend a perfect or romantic evening in Zürich make reservations at “Le Poisson”.


Zürich is one of the most expensive places in Europe and if you’re on a budget you shouldn’t go shopping there. But still I would recommend a visit to the famous “Bahnhofstrasse”. It’s similar to “Maximilianstrasse” in Munich or 5th Avenue in New York. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for all the luxury labels like Dior, Chanel or Bulgari. We did some window shopping there and I found some new things for my wish list. If you’re in Zürich go there at least once and have a nice look around.

Bulgari Store


Zürich is also a great place for art lovers. If you have some time go visit the “Grossmünster”, the biggest church in town. It’s a beautiful, elegant church and it has windows created by famous artist Sigmar Polke who won an invited competition in 2006. It has taken three years to complete the project. Seven windows in the western part of the nave consist of sliced agate, creating
brightly luminous walls of stone. The five windows to the east depict five figures from The Old Testament in stained glass. Unfortunately, no photography allowed. But I found a nice little video online.

Sigmar Polke – Church Windows Grossmünster Zürich from ikonoTV on Vimeo.

The other stop every art lover has to make is at “Kunsthaus” which is the museum to see in Zürich. Opened in 1910 it has a long history of important exhibitions and they own a huge collection of modern art. No matter when you go there will always be an interesting exhibition to see. They’re also getting a new extension to the building right now which will be finished in 2017. They also have a very nice restaurant where you go for lunch while visiting.

Kunsthaus Zürich

That’s all I did in one day which is more than enough I think. Just some places you need to see while spending time in Zürich. If you know other places I should check out the next time leave a comment, please.


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