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It’s #artbookfriday again and time for a new book. If you like the concept of art book Friday, feel free to participate! Just post your favorite art book on a Friday, use the hashtag and link the project page so we can add you to it. The main idea is to support art books and make them more visible online.

So this week’s book is THE book about fashion and art. If you love both of them you just have to have this book. Honestly, it will tell you anything you need to know about the relationship of these amazing couple. The 320 pages are full of information about how art and fashion influenced each other. There’re five big chapters with a lot of essays and interview as well as illustrations of course.

The first chapter is about the well know fashion designers who cross the border between art and fashion on a regular basis such as Hussein Chalayan, Martin Margiela, Alexander McQueen or Issey Miyake. The second chapter is about famous cooperation’s between artists and fashion houses. All my favorite coops are in there like the one between Dior and Anselm Reyle or the one between Stella McCartney and Jeff Koons. That chapter alone is so great it could fill a whole book of its own. The third chapter is about fashion in museums. What can I say this book is defiantly written for someone like me. It starts with an interesting interview with Andrew Bolton (Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). The Met Museum is one of the most important in the world when it comes to fashion exhibition. They also host the famous Met Gala every year, one of the fashion events you need to know about. Included in this chapter are a variety of important fashion exhibitions and another interview with Pamela Golbin (Musée de la Mode et du Textile, Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris). If you ever need some research on fashion exhibitions you should start with this book and chapter. The fourth chapter is about fashion in media and how artists changed the way fashion is recognized by people. Some of the most impressive fashion campaigns are explained here such as Marc Jacobs & Jürgen Teller, Chanel & Cindy Sherman and Dior & Quentin Shih. I think it’s much more interesting when designers evolve campaigns with artists. It creates very special kind of artworks. The fifth and last chapter of the book is about fashion and architecture and especially about the gallery presentations of fashion and art. They present the Louis Vuitton stores and the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the Fondazione Prada, the display windows of Barney’s and Selfridges, the Gucci Museum and many many more. It’s really interesting how fashion also changed the way exhibitions and museums are created and planned. And of course some of them are owned by the fashion industry which changes the way we see museums.

I really like this book and it’s easy to say you need it. So thanks to the authors for putting so much effort in it. Mitchell Oakley Smith is editor and publisher of the menswear journal Manuscript and author of FASHION: Australian & New Zealand Designers and INTERIORS. Alison Kubler is Associate Curator at the University of Queensland Art Museum, Australia, and co-director of mc/k art consulting. They just know what they were writing about.

The Book


#artbook | Mode ist Kunst (English Original Art/Fashion in the 21st Century)

#author | Mitchell Oakley Smith, Alison Kubler

#publishing house | Prestel (English Original Thames & Hudson)

#language | German

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-4875-9 (English Original 978-0-5002-3909-4)

#pages | 320

#published | 2013

you can get your copy here.

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