(Art)Books we love | lichtsicht 5 

It’s #artbookfriday again and our goal is it to present you an awesome art book or book related to art and fashion every week. Every book we tell you about is one, we really like and find worth knowing. At Tuesday I already told you about my visit of lichtsicht 5 in Bad Rothenfelde last week. At the preview I also got the exhibition catalogue as a little present. The publication is a really good portrayal of the exhibition. It includes an interesting essay by the curator Peter Weibel called “From shadow image to selfie: updating projection art” which gives you a good overview of the state of the art of projection art today. The essay is followed by texts and images of every presented art work. That’s pretty much it. The texts about the works are by Idis Hartmann, a very nice young emerging curator who assisted Peter Weibel curating the biennial.

But I think you have to see the biennial for yourself to really appreciate the catalogue to be honest. No printed image can really give you the impressions of these outstanding gigantic video works. Of course there is no sound in the books which are a big part of the installations and no catalogue can ever tell you how it feels to stand in front of 22 meter wide installations. It’s very special. If you saw the exhibition the catalogue will be of great help to get to know more about the artists and their works. Well and it’s a great souvenir of course. It’s probably also an important book for you if you’re generally interested in projection art because this biennial is so special and every work was produced for it.

The Book 





#artbook | lichtsicht 5

#authors | Idis Hartmann, Peter Weibel

#publishing house | Kehrer

#language | English, German

#ISBN | 978-3-86828-671-7

#pages | 128

#published | 2015

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