Ink and Ride | #Tattoos #Bikes #Art

Last weekend I visited “Ink & Ride”for the first time. I have no tattoos, but I am interested in different tattoo artists and street art. I had no idea what would happen there. Well, the venue of this event is “Museum der Arbeit” (museum of work). It’s the perfect place, because the museum broaches all these topics.

When I entered the museums yard, I saw the BMXer. Their jumps were absolutely crazy. I have also no idea of their names. It made so much fun to watch them. After a while I moved on and I discovered some kids, who created their own street art. They were so cute! The Street Art School St. Pauli Karo Schanze had a competition for young artists.

Some artists offer their work and last but not least I stepped in the old factory and visited the tattooists. There were so many of them! The sound of the tattoo equipment made me a little nervous, I think I felt more pain than all the tattooed persons. I could hardly look at it. So I took my camera hid myself behind the lens and took some pictures.

Ink And Ride

Ink & Ride



Ink & Ride-5

And some crazy things you could buy! Finally another kind of porcelain style mady by frau ines. I think it’s really cool. 😀

Ink & Ride-4

Ink & Ride-3

#ink&ride | #Tattoos #Bikes #Art

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