Use your senses | and smell!

IA Duft-9

Can you smell it? The perfume of Berlin? Of the 1920s? Last week we told you about the exhibition Dance on the Volcano. Well, there is a second show at the Ephraim-Palais. It’s a very special exhibition and it’s connected to the volcano. It’s about the „IA – Scent“. That’s exactly the luxury side of the 1920s I was thinking of.

IA Duft-2

But what is IA-Scent? (The pronunciation is „one a scent“) Once upon a time there were a lot of perfume factories in Berlin. One of them was „J. F. Schwarzlose“. They developed the famous fragrance „IA – 33“. Do you have any suggestion what meaning behind this cryptically letter and number combination? I would have never guessed! Well, it’s Berlin’s former license plate. The “I” stood for Prussia and “A” for Berlin. The perfume “IA – 33” by Schwarzlose was marketed as a trendy product for the modern, motorized woman. What a funny idea.

IA Duft

The exhibition is about the company’s history and it’s about scents. The small show at the 3rd floor of Ephraim-Palais is wonderful and smells so fantastic. Every cosmetic and beauty product junkie should visit the museum and take a look at the history of an interesting development of that perfume and the beauty culture in Berlin.

IA Duft-5
But how does it smell, the IA-33?

Berlin Energy: Mandarine & Pink Pepper & „Spree“ River Droplets Accord.
Heritage: Jasmine Sambac & Lime-tree blossom & Magnolia.
Vibrant Edge: Cedarwood & Iris Powder.

It’s September, in nearly 3 month is christmas… if you need a present. 😉

IA Duft-8

IA Duft-6
IA Duft-7
#museum | Ephraim-Palais, Berlin

#exhibition | IA-Scent (IA-Duft)

#untill | 31. January 2016

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