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So it’s #artbookfriday again. Time for a new art book we love. If you followed MuseumLifestyle for a while you already know that one of my favorite designer is Kostas Murkudis. Last month I told you about the exhibition at MMK2 in Frankfurt and about the collaboration between him and Flip*Flop. So today’s post is about the brand new book accompanying the exhibition. It’s a true coffee table edition and it has the coolest dust cover I’ve ever seen so far and I have plenty of books. The book design was made by Non-Format (USA/Norway) and they did a great job. Whoever chose them has an excellent taste. The dust cover functions like a present wrapping. If you take it off you hold a totally different book in your hands. I love it. The dust cover is made IMG_4017with a very thick, glossy paper and the actual cover is the exact opposite. It’s thick, too, but it’s mat. I like those combinations of mat and glossy paper in art books. They continued that on the inside, too. All in all four different paper types were chosen for the book.

The book has 18 different chapters containing mainly photographs from the exhibition and Murkudis collections. Furthermore you get an introduction at the beginning and the German translation of all texts at the back. There a two interesting interviews with Murkudis included in the book which I really enjoyed to read. They give you a great inside view to his way of work and thinking. I also like the text about his “Lab Collections” by Carolin Höfler. The Lab Collections of Murkudis are probably the most interesting ones because they aren’t made for commercial purposes and are thereby much closer to art than fashion. Murkudis is a designer on the edge to art anyway but he defiantly crosses the line in those collections. So I am very happy that they’re presented in a whole chapter with a lot of images. As a contribution to him being on the edge of art and fashion the book is centered around particular aspects of Murkudis’ designs, such as color, material, and form. The book also includes personal contributions by many influential people from the world of fashion and culture, such as Mark Borthwick and Helmut Lang.  Illustrations and photographs taken from the artist’s lookbooks and fashion shows were made by some really good fashion photographers and are as artful as the designs themselves. I guess this will be one of my favorite books of 2015 but it’s too early for a summary of those of course.

The Book


#artbook | Kostas Murkudis (Paperback with dust cover)

#authors | Susanne Gaensheimer and Peter Gorschlüter

#texts |  Jodie Barnes, Mark Borthwick, Carson Chan, Nicolas Ghesquiére, Takeji Hirakawa, Jina Khayyer, Helmut Lang, Helmut Josef Geier, Lucas Ossendrijver, Isaac Reina and Olivier Zahm

#publishing house | Prestel

#language | English with German translations

#ISBN | 978-3-7913-5475-0

#pages | 304

#published | 2015

you can get your copy here.


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