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The awesome thing about being a blogger is that people will tell you about brands that might be of interest for you. So a couple of weeks ago the guys from Skunkfunk offered me to check out their clothes. So I was allowed to order some stuff of their collection, no strings attached. Of course I checked the company before I agreed to order anything. I am a big fan of green and slow fashion and I hardly try to change my shopping habits. I didn’t throw anything away I like but my goal is to never buy anything from the fast fashion industry again in my life. I don’t want to support the abuse of women, children and our environment. As you all know the big sales going on several times a year and how cheap clothes became these days it’s not always easy and I have to remember myself that I don’t support cruelty sometimes. But the more awesome slow fashion brands I discover the easier it gets and the less I feel any need to buy stuff at shops who take advantage of the poorest! Of course you will never get slow fashion pieces for the same prices as slow fashion ones. But my experience is that fair produced clothes are of much higher quality, so they will last much longer.

So Skunkfunk is one of those green brands who try to make a difference. I ordered a dress, a clutch and a shirt. It’s still too hot for the shirt but I show you the dress and clutch today. Since I have them at home I am totally convinced of the quality they offering their customers. And I am very positive that I will wear this dress for years as it suits several occasions too. I already wore it to the office and for shopping. They also collaborate with artists from different fields and disciplines which is something I really like as you probably know from other posts already. They mainly use organic cotton for their stuff but also recycled polyester which is gained from old plastic bottles. That’s of course not a final solution for all of our problems in the world but it’s a start and a good way to deal with the plastic pollution until we put an end to it.

I am especially in love with the clutch. It’s made with Tyvek, a new paper like material which is durable, water resistant and 100% recyclable. Not that I want to recycle that cute little bag any time soon. It’s so great. The fabric feels exactly like paper, it’s super light and it just looks so super cute. I think I also need a tote bag for work 😉



#sunglasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

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