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I am always looking Artboxone_Screenshot Kopiefor places to buy art or design. Of course I have my favorite gallery where I buy most of the pieces for my private collections but it’s always good to keep your eyes open. There are so many emerging artists out there that it’s hard to keep track of them. So recently I discovered the little web shop Artboxone. They sell prints, phone cases and pillows with images which were created by young artists or graphic designers. It’s a very nice alternative to the stuff you get at furniture stores if you’re looking for some prints to put on your walls. Also it’s a way for you to support young artists. I immediately fell in love with the pieces by FabFunky. I just needed to have one of the antiquarian book prints the artist does. The book prints are original illustrations, printed onto the real pages of antique British dictionaries and journals. So Artboxone got uses those great vintage character designs for prints and cases. And as my walls are already crowded with art pieces and I am a phone case junkie I got a case from Artboxone with a design by FabFunky. The design I chose is a bit ironic as a phone case, too. It shows the white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” and we all know that a smartphone could be like a rabbit hole sometimes 😉 My friend Nelly got a case from Artboxone, too, after she saw mine. It’s with a design by Josef Jumpers. I can’t say much about the prints because I don’t own one but the cases are pretty great. Especially because they’re very thin and don’t disturb the real feeling of the phone. At the same time they are very solid and not that wobbly like some of them are. The prize is pretty decent for the great quality, too. I also had an eye on the star wars designs by Tim Löhrs, I might have to get another case soon.

If you’re an artist or a designer you could apply to get featured in the shop which is pretty cool in my opinion. The only negative thing I have to say about Artboxone and I hope they will change that detail in the future is that the pillows are made of polyester. I would certainly prefer cotton or another natural material. But as theyare a young shop with the right idea I am pretty positive that this will change over time. Until then I have to buy more cases I guess 😉


My Case


Nelly’s Case


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