Art Edition | Scarves by Hermès

Everyone knows about the unique and absolutely beautiful scarves by Hermes. High quality, amazing prints and colorful! “The Hermès scarf was born in 1937, as a project of Robert Dumas, my grandfather” Pierre-Alexis Dumas explains on Hermes Website.

For me Hermès is art. But Hermes brings craftsmanship and contemporary art together. It’s a new level and I like it. The first edition was designed by artist Josef Albers, the second one by Daniel Buren. I love his artworks. Yes, those artworks in the video are the scarves! Aren’t they beautiful?

When I saw the scarves of Hiroshi Sugimoto for the first time I thought: Mark Rothko. But the work of Sugimoto is more powerful, it’s intense. Julio Le Parc created the fourth edition. He is a major position in kinetic and optic art. When I saw the forms and colors I felt like being in the 1970s.

My favorite artist at the end is Daniel Buren. I visited his exhibition “Allegro Vivace” at 2011 in Baden-Baden. It’s one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen. Really. I hope, there will be soon another one.

If you are in London right now, you should visit the entrance to Tottenham Court Road Station. Daniel Buren created a new installation for the underground. Looks fantastic!

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