#OOTD | Inspired by Tim Burton

I know you’re all waiting for the big Tim Burton giveaway but you have to wait one more day 😉 Today I’d like to show you my Tim Burton inspired outfit I wore at the press conference last Friday. Of course press conferences are not the places to wear extravagant clothes but still I found something suiting the occasion. At least with a little help from my friend Nelly. When I knew we would have a Tim Burton week on the blog I knew we needed a special outfit of the day or in this case of the week. My favorite choice is always black but as my all time favorite characters of Tim Burton’s movies are Jack Skellington and Beetlejuice I just wanted something striped. Unfortunately I never wear stripes to be honest. It’s just not really my style. And I never buy clothes just for one occasion. The habit of buying stuff for just one event is the main reason for our awful fast fashion industry. So that’s not an option for me! So what do you do if you find nothing in your closet? Right, you ask a friend 😉 And that’s what I did. Thank God I have stylish friends who still wear totally different outfits than me. So I borrowed the shirt from my friend Nelly. Now I sincerely think about getting a striped shirt myself because I really liked my look on Friday. I wore it together with black jeans, black heels and my custom made Alice in Wonderland belt. And as you’re not allowed to carry big bags in museums I took my tiny Jack Skellington one with me. At this point I have to admit I am a big collector of phone cases and of course I do have a Nightmare before Christmas case for my phone. I bought it at a case printing station at Disney World Orlando last February. So this was my outfit. It’s also a pretty good one for the office.








#shirt | borrowed from a friend (bought at a boutique in Berlin)

#belt | custom made (Alice in Wonderland theme)

#jeans | Tom Tailor

#shoes | Tamaris


#location | Max Ernst Museum

#exhibition | The World of Tim Burton







#bag | Warner Productions

#case | Disney


All photos by neongold.org

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