A Museum Wedding

Last Saturday I was invited to my first museum wedding. I always thought museums are beautiful locations for weddings but unfortunately not one of my friends ever chose one. So this was a first! It’s probably because most of my friends work in the art business and want to be in a different surrounding for their weddings. So I’ve seen a lot of wedding locations yet but I really liked the museum idea. And it was beautiful indeed. They had a very classy old fashioned theme including a true old-timer as a car for the happy couple, a Tango as their first dance, these awesome table clothes, a candy bar, a cocktail bar with a really fancy Basil-Gin drink and a really unique custom made dress for the bride. Well the groom wore a tux just for the record. We had a blast that’s for sure. And the great thing is that you can book most museums as wedding locations. You could even have the ceremony there. Most people seem to don’t know that.

The Style

My Outfit  

As this was an evening wedding I chose a long summer dress for myself. I prefer evening weddings because you can wear long dresses and get a good night sleep before the big celebration. If a wedding is during the day you don’t go for a long dress and you don’t wear them to church. If you’re invited to a day wedding with a church ceremony you normally go for knee length. I am not old-fashioned but some rules are there for a reason. And no one wants to be the girl in the wrong dress at a wedding. So I wore this beautiful long dress I bought for a beach wedding the other day. You can’t see my heels in the pictures but I wore those. If you don’t like long dresses you find a great alternative below. And you should always go to a professional hair dresser before a wedding because your need your hair to suit your outfit all night long.

#glasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#dress | S.Oliver

#clutch | Mango

#necklace | Armani


A dress alternative

My former colleague Nelly wore a beautiful short dress. It was just as perfect for a summer wedding as my long one.

#dress | Yumi

#bag | Liebeskind Berlin

#bracelet | Pandora

#shoes | Paul Green

One thought on “A Museum Wedding

  1. Ihr beide seht fantastisch aus!
    Ich gebe zu, so lange wie ich im Museum arbeite, war ich auch noch nie privat bei einer Museumshochzeit. Bei einer standesamtliche Trauung verschlug es mich in ein kleines Freilichtmuseum. Es war wunderschön dort.
    Dienstlich habe ich schon einige Hochzeitsgäste im Museum bewundern dürfen, jedes Mal sehenswert. 😉

    Liebe Grüße,

    Liked by 1 person

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