Platform Fashion | My Outfit

Platform Fashion as a fashion show event was new to me but I really enjoyed it. If you go to an event for the first time it’s always tough to choose your outfit. So I didn’t really know what to wear first. If I don’t know what to wear I usually choose something black. There is hardly an event where you can go wrong with a little black dress or in this case skirt, jacket and boots. For the right fashion add-on I chose a colorful top and my new Versace bag to go with it and it worked just perfect. I was neither under or over dressed and felt totally comfy and fabulous in my outfit the whole day. And as I feel absolutely great in heels no matter how long I have to walk in them that was fine too. And I would always recommend heels if you wear a short skirt or dress, it just makes your legs look much better and longer 😉


#jacket | Only

#top | Vero Moda

#skirt | Tom Tailor

#bag | Versace Jeans

#boots | Bagatt Italy

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