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Every Friday I write about an art book or book I’d like to see on every shelf. A good book collection is for me like a treasury. A place where you can find beauty, passion, art, drama and entertainment every time you want. I just love books. But art books are even more special than novels to me. Art books are objects to collect. They still are true books in a very old fashioned way. Real art books, the ones I collect, are normally heavy and large. Coffee table editions you like to show your friends. Books you can’t carry around to read in them on your way to work but books you need some time for. As time is money these days I really enjoy to take a step back and read a really good art book. And don’t misunderstand me I also read a lot of novels too. You will hardly meet me without a book in my bag.

So one of the art books I have for a couple of years is an exhibition catalogue from Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. It’s called “Art & Fashion” and well that’s what it’s all about. Its subtitle is “Between skin and clothing” which doesn’t tell much. The exhibition explored the relation between art and fashion meaning Haute Couture especially. You already know this topic really fascinates me. The exhibition was also about the cultural meaning of fashion and the boundaries of design. They presented fashion and objects by famous designers and artists such as Walter van Beirendonck, Louise Bourgeois, Hussein Chalayan, Christophe Coppens, Comme des Garcons, Salvador Dali, Martin Margiela, Francesco Vezzoli, Viktor & Rolf and more. I missed Alexander McQueen though. His designs are the byword of fashion on the edge to art for me. He really changed the way fashion is seen in the world. But you can’t get it all I guess. The catalogue is still pretty cool and informative. Next to big pictures of the pieces you get plenty of texts exploring the topic fashion and art. They even made the effort to publish an English and a German version. I don’t like the dust-jacket they chose so much but I left it on as it protects the actual cover of course. This is an art book really worth having at home.





#artbook | Art & Fashion (hardcover)

#museum | Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (GER)

#publishing house | Kerber

#language | English or German

#ISBN | 978-3-86678-525-0 (German), 978-3-86678-538-0 (English)

#pages | 136

#published | 2011

you can get your copy here (English) or here (German).

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