Something old and something new | Gallery shoot

Last weekend I attended a Gin tasting at Gallery FB69 in Münster. It’s one of my favorite places and combined with some cocktails there’s probably no better place 😉 Anyway going to a gallery event is always fun because it’s a good reason to dress up. But of course with all the summer heat it was tricky to find something suiting the occasion too. At the same time I wanted to wear my new coat. As it’s a summer coat you can even wear it when it’s blazing hot outside. I had to buy the coat because I fell in love with the lace details at the back. As the coat is a bit fancy I decided to wear one of my old dresses I bought years ago. It’s still a keeper though. The dress is all grey so it goes perfectly with the coat. Besides the coat I also bought new shoes and a new handbag you can see in the picture. The shoes are just perfect to stand in a gallery and I just needed a bag with fringes.

ml_11-07-2015_01 ml_11-07-2015_04 ml_11-07-2015_06 ml_11-07-2015_09 ml_11-07-2015_15 ml_11-07-2015_18 ml_11-07-2015_26 ml_11-07-2015_28 ml_11-07-2015_29


#glasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#coat | River Island

#dress | vintage

#handbag | Bagatt Italy

#shoes | Bagatt Italy

#nailpolish | P2


Photos: Fieberherz

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