Fight the heat | my summer outfit

The last week was one of the hottest I ever experienced in Germany. With over 40 degree at some days even hanging around was difficult. Let alone sitting in an office all day. My office has huge windows. The ones which reach from the bottom to the top of the room. Normally I really enjoy to have the opportunity to look outside but this week felt like sitting in a greenhouse. Well but as I like to look on the bright side of things this was a good week to look through my wardrobe and create some great new summer outfits I normally wouldn’t wear in Germany as it’s usually to cold. So today I show you my favourite outfit of last week. The top and the shoes are new. The skirt is probably two or three years old but it’s a keeper! Especially because you can wear it long or short. It’s an outfit you can wear to the office or to a shopping trip or just to hang around with friends. I would even wear it to a BBQ or private party.

My Outfit

#sunglasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#top | Vero Moda

#skirt | Religion

#shoes | Bagatt Italy


My Accessories


#ring | bought in Sedona (Arizona)

#bracelet | Stella Copenhagen

#nailpolish | P2

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