Summer Must-Have | Metallic Tattoos

One of the best summer accessories this year are metallic tattoos. I saw them first at the Facebook page of Charmaine Olivia (an awesome American artist, check her work out!). I actually even own a portrait by her and I am thinking about writing a blog post about her work in the future. But let’s stay focused 😉 When I saw these metallic non-permanent tattoos on her I fell in love immediately with them. What an idea and why on earth did nobody have it before?! It’s the easiest way I can think of to look different every week or even every day. And it’s gorgeous if you are already tanned. When I saw them first I had some issues finding them over here but luckily the trend came from the US to Europe and now you get them in different styles pretty much everywhere. I got mine from Etsy. Still I don’t see them on girls so much here in Germany.

Get creative

Wear them as bracelets, arm bands, anklets, headbands, chokers, rings, midi-rings, or body art, down your back, on your feet or on your shoulder for a sexy dramatic look. Cut them into any lengths, put them anywhere, get creative and make them yours! The possibilities are endless! And the application is super easy: cut it, put it on, make it wet and that’s about it. Well let it dry for about 10 minutes and it will stick for 3-4 days.


My first try


Read more about tattoos in Wera’s recent post

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