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We decided to show you our favourite art books. Books we read and look into again and again. Some are true coffee table editions some are not. But all of them have in common that they are special and if you have the chance to get one of them we highly recommend it. There are books in this world a true fashionista and art lover should own.

The first book I want to write about is an exhibition catalogue from GRASSI Museum in Leipzig. The exhibition and the catalogue were named “Stepping into the limelight. Experimental shoe design”. The catalogue is about the special role shoes play in our entire life. I love shoe exhibitions! I’ve seen plenty of them. This one was different though. That’s one of the reasons I wanted the catalogue so badly. It wasn’t about the history of shoes or design but about shoes as a fashion statement, shoes as an object of passion, self expression and style. My shoes are definitely more than daily footwear. I love heels and extraordinary designs. Even the shoes I wear daily to the office have to be special at least in my taste. Shoes can express whole personalities. I say you could even know if a guy is the right one for you if you like his shoes or not.

So if you agree with me about shoes you really need to look at this book. It describes 120 different shoe designs by fashion labels, artists and architects. Most of them were sold in small edition sizes or are even unique. Every single one is different to the next. Well my fashion heart always jumps when I take a look at this book. That’s why it’s one of my all time favourites!

#art book | Stepping into the limelight

#published | 2013

#language | German

#museum | GRASSI Museum, Leipzig

#publishing house | Kerber

#ISBN | 978-3-86678-831-2

#artists and designers | Zaha Hadid, Albu Mihai, Kei Kagami, Chau Har Lee, Aart van Bezooyen , JANTAMINIAU, Minna Parikka/Jani Leinonen, Birgit Jürgenssen, Paul Lespagnard, Asher Levine, Barbara Zucchi, Kobi Levi, Jeremy Scott/Adidas, Victor & Rolf, OLEK, Anastasia Radevich, Nicholas Kirkwood, Olaf Nicolai, René van den Berg, Iris van Herpen, Marloes ten Bhömer, FINSK, Winde Rienstra, TRIPPEN, Anna Korshun, Roberto Fliri, UNITED NUDE, Iris Schieferstein, Masaya Kushino, Jan Jansen

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